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Sunday, October 3, 2010

French Script Fabric - My Source

I've had numerous emails in the last two days asking if I'd care to share my source for the fabric I've been using on my table that I photograph my stuff for the store on.

I actually bought it to make pillows with for the shop, but have yet to get those made.
I think I'll make tablecloths instead.

You've seen it all over blogland, and in the Ballard catalog, and the Pottery Barn catalog.

This last picture is truer to the color. It's chocolate brown on linen look canvas.

I googled the fabric to see where everyone else was getting it, and it seems many of them are buying it from Ballard for $24 a yard.

Pooh on that.
Want it for $12.99 a yard?

Now let me preface this by saying that this company has a website, but they do not sell product on it. Also, I don't know if they'll take phone orders and ship things, but you can try. I just buy 1 1/2 yards every time I go, so now I have stacks of 1 1/2 yard pieces just waiting to be made into something.

(Update: 9-29-11 - Well gals, seems the price of cotton has continued to rise this year, which means this fabric has gone up. It's now selling for $16.49 a yard. So you gals stop calling and telling those ladies at the fabric store that Polly said you can get the fabric for $12.99 - cause you can't anymore. :)  ) 
But hey, if their's went up that means everyone else's went up too, so they're still the cheapest I've found.

I've spoken with the store and they're happy to take your orders and ship them. They just asked that I make you aware that the fabric is no longer $12.99 a yard.

Here is the tag that was on my fabric. This store is in Nashville, Tn off Harding Road at Sidco Drive.

If any of you in the biz know who the manufacturer or distributor is, I'd sure appreciate that info.
This fabric is printed edge to edge, so there aren't any vendor markings on it anywhere.

I hope the store will sell it to you!
Let me know if you get lucky.


  1. Thank you bunches for that info!! I would love to get my hands on that fabric and will try the website. It will make gorgeous pillows!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very French Fabric Polly!
    Great for Table cloths...and a million other things!
    Thanks for sharing...
    xoxo~kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Great information! You do realize those poor folks at "The Fabric House" are going to have a run on this fabric and have no idea why!

  4. It`s a dream! Wish I could buy this kind of fabric here in Brazil.



  5. Thanks for hooking me on yet another fabric lol. It's out of stock or crazy expensive at most of the places I found it. But I found it here in stock & $17/yd.

  6. That is really cool fabric, would love to see some tablecloths, or pillows, or whatever your little heart desires:)

  7. Love love love! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Thanks so much for the info. I was able to save over 60$ on my purchase.
    The ladies in the store were very nice and I hope my fabric arrives in Texas really soon.
    Thanks again,

    Diana from Austin, TX

  9. Wow, I love this! Thanks for sharing such a great find.

  10. Thanks for the tip. I contacted the store and they said they had the fabric in stock and could ship it to me.

  11. Thank you for posting the info I just emailed them hoping they still have some in stock before i shell out big money to Ballards :)

  12. Thanks for posting this information, I have been looking for this fabric all over the place and this is by far the best price around. There is another script fabric that is going for $7 something per yard on, but it's not as nice of script as this, it's messier/busier looking, and i think the fabric quality might not be drapery grade either. Anyway, I just called the phone number from the picture and ordered the fabric without any problems. They seemed to be familiar with this blog posting about this fabric, because the gentleman knew right away what I was talking about. Thanks again!

  13. Polly...thank you very much! You are most generous and kind to share, and I hope your kindness is returned to you a hundredfold! And....not only are you kind, but you have fabulous creativity and excellent taste, to boot! MaryEllen

  14. Greetings ~~~~ Make Mine Beautiful !
    I was thinking about getting a [blog] together, & ran
    across this one. I've seen many, but yours struck a string in my heart. I don't want to make this message too long, but I must tell you how your blog made an impact on what I need to let the readers know about. Spiritual music, makeovers, jewelry...etc.
    All this is good.

  15. Hi thanks for the post!
    The cost of the fabric has gone up since the 1st of the year. It's now $16.49 a yard.
    I called with the info on the tag and they are shipping it to me.
    Thanks for the info! I am going to recover our dining room chairs with it. The wood is black and I think it will look great with the fabric!

  16. Thanks Polly!
    Just the fabric I've been dreaming of for the valance above my kitchen window... <3
    ~Debbie, San Antonio, TX

  17. I called The Fabric House and am getting samples from them....thank you for sharing the info!

  18. Hi there! I just bought this fabric yesterday at Hobby Lobby! It was 24.99 a yd. But it is on sale this weekend for 30% off! Just thought I would let you girls know!!

  19. Hello! In your photo with the fabric on the table the fabric looks lighter in color? But you said its more chocolate on linen? Thanks

  20. Thanks for the great tips! I ordered the fabric yesterday and they are shipping it to our APO (we live in Germany)
    This will be great to make a foe wall to hide my self made walk in closet in our bedroom
    ....(Germans don't believe in built in closets lol)

  21. The fabric was designed and produced in the US by Lacefield Designs


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