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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Decorating Inspiration from Around the Net

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.
Have I told you that I LOVE Christmas??
Well, I do, and one thing I enjoy most about it is the decorating.
It's the one time of year when my house colors fit right in with the holiday decor.

In my late night web browsing sessions, I've come across several things that have me inspired - almost, alllllmost - to drag all of my Christmas decoration boxes out of the storage room.
(Almost I said. Don't be looking for an overnight explotion of Christmas decor in my house to show up on the blog though, cause it probably won't happen this year.) 

And, I'll just add that I have discovered that my tastes are changing. My love of tomato reds and charcoal black and soft golden tans seems to be turning into a love of chocolate browns and deep creams.
A peek through my inspiration files has reveled this clearly to me, so, there may be some new decor on the horizon in my next home.

Oh, we were talking about Christmas, weren't we?

Anyhoo, here's a few pics I found that appealed to me in one way or the other.
Credit is given where credit is known. If one of these pictures is yours, and the credit is not given, let me know and I'll link you properly.

................In No Particular Order...............

(Reference not found)

 Barb Garret at Grits & Glamour
I see this treatment on chandeliers a lot, but I love it over the mirror like Barb has it here.
(Love her home and holiday decor. Her home is featured in the current issue of Country Woman. A Must See!)

 Country Living maybe? Personally, I have it labeled as 'Christmas in my new farmhouse" know, for whenever I find that farmhouse I'm dreaming of. :)

 I think this would be great for the front door.
Saved from last year. Etsy seller pumpkinmoonprims. If you love primitive, look through her sold items.

I really like the simplicity of this.
Found this on Finding Fabulous. Although, I think it was from somebody in a linky party.
Is it yours? 

 Isn't this just the cutest darned tree you've ever seen? That's a lot of buttons, but, I have a lot of buttons, so I'm going to try this one for sure.
Found on FLICKR, user jackie.bonette

 I'm seeing these all over blogland this year. I'm going to make a few of these too.
This one is from those fabulous inspirational gals at Shanty2Chic.

 I think this is a great idea. We all love decorating ladders, don't we? Prop this one up on a tree by the driveway, or even against your mailbox for an instant welcome to your guests.
Found this at Things I Love.

 Whoever thought of this is brilliant. I love the way this looks, plus, it'll feed the birds all winter long.
Found this at Calfinder.

....and so was this person.

I will definitely be making these. Yall know how I love anything with cute buttons on it.
I labeled this as "Art Tutorial Blog", but can't seem to find that blog again. 

I like the look of how simple, yet pretty, this is. The Dollar Tree has some fabulous snowflakes right now if you're in the market for them. 
Found at Martha Stewart.

 Love this! Red and white is so pretty when done right, and this homeowner has definitely done it right.
Not sure who the home belongs to, but I found this picture at the Christmas Home Decor blog.

 I want to fall asleep on this couch while listening to Ertha Kitt Christmas music.
Perfection in my opinion.

 Another brown and cream room I really like. Simple Elegance.
Found at Singaso.

Sarah Richardson move over cause I'm moving in! I LOVE her new house!! Every single room of it.
Can't seem to find the actual website for her. Does anybody have it? I can find everything concerning her, but not actually hers.

 Normally, anything so boldly glittered would not appeal to me, but for some reason I kept coming back to this picture. Maybe it's because it's red and white. There are a lot of elements in this mantlescape but it doesn't read as too busy, and I like that.
This is from Rate My Space user RXSL.

Now how smart is this? Now I know what I can do with all of my lone strands of garland.
Clever indeed. If you see this on my door one Christmas and think I copied yours, well then, I probably did. I'm tellng you now so you'll know when you see it.
Found at Sew Many Ways.
(and by the way, while you're over at her blog, look at her sewing room. Oh My! It looks like a room staged for a magazine, yet she works in there! Seriously, go see it.......I'll wait on your to come back.:))

And last but certainly not least, is one of my very favorite ideas. Those birds actually look like they're hanging those ornaments.
This is by Rate My Space user wishingforacottage.

I hope these pictures inspire you to jump off the couch and go decorate right this minute!
Have you started or finished your holiday decorating yet?


  1. Great pictures, Polly! The only problem is that I'm already decorated and when I see such great ideas I want to start over! : ) Like you, I find I am drawn to the browns and creams now, too. It will be interesting to see how I approach the "next house" when we down-size.

  2. P.S. the Sew Many Ways link isn't working, but I am determined to find her now after your description of her sewing room!

  3. Great inspiration photos, Polly. Here is Sarah Richardson Design website/portfolio etc.

    Have a great day!

  4. I found a lot of fabulous ideas here, Polly. I love the wicker furniture with the cream cushions...perfect for a family room or sun porch in your farmhouse! I am toning down my reds too....loving the neutrals!


  5. Wow! Gorgeous inspiration! I love all the red and white!

  6. Yep, it's making me want to jump up and start doing again! I can't seem to stop!

  7. I love all your inspiration photos! Sarah Richardson is one of my ALL time favorite designers! LOVE her style!
    My struggle this year (or is this every year?) is finding the time to make all the decorating, crafts, baking, shopping, (Oh, and WORK) that I want, and need, to do all fit in! (That is one big run on sentence!) Anyway, the decorating and crafting is falling behind! And the baking isn't even started!
    ALL that to say, I understand if your Christmas decor doesn't show up on your blog this year!

  8. Beautiful collection Polly! And I'm so with you. The last one with the dangling birds is so whimsically cool. :)


  9. Love all the pics Polly! It's hard to pick a fave!

  10. Wow! Everything is fabulous!! That red and white room is something else!! But all of them, I would love to have for sure!

  11. My stuff is pretty drab next to all of that. Well, it's just really earthy looking! I did add some shiny pearly garland to my door wreath! I so over-inspired...I can't think straight! These are some gorgeous choices! I love the ladder on the tree and the frozen bird food...we'll be doing that here...and the last photo is amazingly ingenious! I also LOVE the brown and cream!!! Beautiful! So you're just gonna sit and look, huh?

  12. thank you for posting all those beautiful pictures!

  13. I love looking at Christmas decorating ideas and you have found some great ones. My favorites are the birds hanging the ornaments, and the button tree! I have sooo many buttons, this would be a fun one to try.

  14. Oh my, oh my, oh my...I love that button tree. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I want a bird bath, too. :-)

  15. I love so many of these things. I love the brown and cream room. So much of my living room is brown, white and cream. I also adore that snowman on that front door. That is way too cool and really easy looking. Will be trying that for sure.

  16. find sarah richardson at - - you can watch all episodes of sarah's house etc. there.

  17. I love Sarah Richardson too! She can be found at ....hope that helps!


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