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Friday, December 3, 2010

Do You Feel It? It's Christmastime!

Merry almost Christmas!

Not the shopping, not the gifts, not the crowds, not the family demands,
but the FEELING that Christmas brings.

A Few of the Things I Love about Christmastime:

~ I love the settling in of heightened emotions ~

~ The increased awareness of others life situations, both good and bad ~

~ The heart tug to do something for someone else without them knowing ~

~ The need to see a miracle or make one happen in someone else's life ~

~ The choir singing Christmas songs at church ~

~ The early morning Christmas service at church where there's nothing but candlelight lighting a path to the end of the aisleway where there stands a large, lonely cross holding a crown of thorns, draped in a robust purple cloth ~

~  The song Oh Holy Night, particularly, sung by David Phelps ~
(be prepared to cry your heart out)

~ I love that people start to recognize and acknowledge the presence of angels, miracles, and Jesus ~

~ Standing in the window at mom's with a mug of hot chocolate, looking out at the woods waiting for deer to appear ~

~ Cardinals sitting on the branches of holly bushes ~
(has a very special meaning to my family)

~ Decorating the Christmas Tree. Pulling out each ornament and remembering when it was added to our collection, and the memory attached to it. A lot of crying happens while I decorate our tree. ~

~ Seeing my mother's tree for the first time each year ~
(It's always full of memories)

~ Talking with my mom or my husband over coffee in the early hours of Christmas morning about our loved ones that have passed away ~ 

~ Sitting on the porch watching and listening to the birds sing ~

~ Gathering with family in the kitchen to make Christmas dinner ~

~ ........and mama's Japanese Fruit Pie! ~

Oh, I just love so many things about Christmas!

So tell me, what do you love about Christmas?


  1. The magic it performs in my son's eyes. Bar none.

    Baking aromas.

    Sparkling Christmas lights illuminating dusky corners, casting the most unique shadows.

    The fragrance of fresh greens. (real tree this year!!)

    The 'only once a year' music. Ohhh the music..

    Fresh white flakes falling from the sky. Pure magic.

    Knowing my parents are spending Christmas together in the most amazing place ever this year. In total AWE. I will miss, but with a teary smile.

    I love this post. :)


  2. So many sweet things Donna. You reminded me of one of my favorite things, and that is to make a pallet on the living room floor and lay on it just watching the lights on the tree and snuggling with hubby. No lights in the whole house but the tree lights, casting twinkly glows throughout the room. I just love that feeling. Sometimes we even fall asleep while we're talking because it's just so magical.

    I hope you have a fantastic holiday!

  3. My fav thing to do with my son is flick on a vintage Christmas cartoon while decorating or baking. It isn't Christmas without the Grinch music! Ahhh hooo dohh raay... :)


  4. My beautiful children and all that they experience during the season...AND memories of loved ones who made past Christmas' wonderful.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. ok, let's see if I can even see to type this....;>

    I LOVE:
    The quiet this season brings - the stillness, if I sit and listen

    Crunchy snow on a cold evening

    Driving down streets that are lit up with holiday lights

    THE MUSIC. Oh, the music

    The Heaven that is in the air - loving, giving, caring - all of which is our true essence

    Evening walks when not a creature is stirring

    The scents and senses of the holiday - baked cookies, roasted nuts, all the trimmings on the table and the awareness of who we are and the gentle time of reflection

    Fond memories


    Being cold,
    then getting warm

    oh Pol, thank you, for reminding us about the kindness and love in this special time of the year! This is a beautiful post!


  6. Hi Polly...
    what a great post..

    what I love about Christmas is that special feeling in the air that only happens at this time of year..

    My kids coming in to see what cookies I've baked- even though they are Grown, it takes me back to when they were young.

    I love knowing I'll get cards and lettes from folks who's lives are so busy the rest of the year but Christmas makes them remember me..

    the twinkling lights- the music- and memories..

    Holiday Hugs

  7. Okay, you're making me cry! I think I can say "all of the above"! But most especially, just getting together with everyone! Doesn't happen every year but when it special!

  8. It is a magical time of year for sure. I love the gathering of family and friends. The laughter...the food preparation...the singing...the movies! And oh so much more.
    I love this time of year!!!

  9. Experiencing the miracles that always come at Christmas. Without. Fail.


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