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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And so it goes..........

In answer to all of your emails, YES, I AM still alive.
Thank you for caring enough to check in on me. I appreciate all of you more than you know.

I've been extremely busy and just haven't had much time to check in on my own blog, or on yours either for that matter.

I try, really I do, but it seems when I sit down at night to catch up, I fall asleep with my computer in my lap after about 15 minutes.

Yep, I've been that tired. Both mentally and physically.

I would promise you I'll try to post more often, but the reality is that I never know what my time will allow, therefore I won't make any promises.

I'll just say that I'll post whenever I can, and I hope you will still hang in there with me.


For those of you that follow my blog, you know that I/we have been going through a lot of life changes this year.
I sold my business in Colorado, moved 1300 miles across the country with no plan of what to do once we got here, my hubby and I have had a few health issues, and now, he has to have a complete hip replacement in 2 weeks. A knee replacement will follow that in February or March.
In addition, I've gotten into a few work situations that did not turn out to be the way they were presented to me, which has been a great disappointment.

My store? Well...........without going into details, let's just say it was another one of those things.
In order to make a partnership work, you have to do what you say you're going to do. Good intentions are nothing without actions to support them. I did my part, and I'll leave it at that.

So..................what to do now, huh? I ask myself this everyday.
We're in a state of limbo, and we're trying to decide what to do next.
Thank goodness my hubby landed a decent job soon after moving here, but make no mistake,
the loss of my steady income is forcing us to live between the forceps.
We aren't doing without by any means, we're just learning to live with less.


The funny thing is, the less we have, the freer we feel, which has led us to the decision to downsize our home.
We're ready for a smaller house, less yard, no extra storage filled with stuff we never use.
I want a simple little farmhouse somewhere in the country.
I want to decorate all the rooms just the way I invision them, and then sell everything else that doesn't fit inside the house.
I'm tired of the baggage. Tired. Finito. Completo. Burned out. Done.

I want to live here. I think I'd be very happy in this house. :)
(Can someone please find me a house like this?)


Do you find that as you get older, you want less, not more?
I crave a simpler life.
I crave it so bad I can imagine it into existence and pretend it's easy living there........


 Please bear with me as I decide what our next move will be. I will be back to normal blogging as soon as life settles back down. I want to give you wonderful posts full of projects and ideas, and I will, but now just isn't the time for me to do that effectively. My attention is required elsewhere.
I'll be caring for hubby, packing up my house in preparation of our next move, and looking for that little farmhouse that will make my life complete. :)

I do have a few holiday posts prescheduled for you throughout the month though, so I won't be completely gone from sight.

I have a strong desire to pretend I'm actually decorating for the holidays, but since I can't, please let me know in your comments if you've posted pictures of your holiday decor so that I go see your house.


  1. Isaiah 43:19
    See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
    I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.

  2. Polly, absolutely no apologies are necessary. I am proud of you that you don't allow your blog to run your life. Kudos!

    I long for something a little easier too however I don't feel easy comes easy for those that desire to achieve. It takes hard work and determination to become lucky in life.

    Rest and regroup is a good thing! But I know you'll be back in the saddle again when passion hits. And we'll all be here waiting. :)

    One well thought out step at a time. You can do it!


  3. P.S. I want that house too! Think there's two like it?!? :)


  4. Yes, I have found that as I get older I want less "stuff" around. I really want to look at things in my house that mean something to me or make me smile. I started that last year when we were going on the market and I cleared out a whole load of stuff! The rest were packed up, but when we didn't move I started to miss some of it {like my books and certain pictures} so out they came again. We are going to try again the end of January to list; I am so ready to downsize it's not even funny.

    On another note, Polly, I'm so sorry your business plans fell through. I know you are busy but you were making such great things for it ~ if you have any you want to sell, please let me know. If I recall, I saw a few things I would be interested in. Oh, and I have two posts up with some Christmas decorating and will have a few more to come {once I can stop myself from tweaking}.

  5. I enjoy your blog and yoru pwrsonality that shines through. I hope all gets better for you soon and you find the peace and comfort you seek.

  6. May God bless you and your home, Polly. I too am on a quest to simplify, but for the past two and half years, my son and his family have been living with us which kinda caused me to put personal goals on hold. I am praying this coming new year will be a year of good changes for all of us.
    I do enjoy your blog. Let us know if you find that house!

  7. Yes, simple. Simple, please.

    I'm with you all the way as it looks like everybody else is too!

    I'll be here when you are. And I'll probably bug you in the meantime! ha!

    Love. Love.


  8. Oh gosh, I guess you've been through the mill and then you're going to have a marathon taking care of your husband. The hip surgery should be the easy one. I can't personally say that knee surgery is any kind of picnic. More like hell. But I'm better now and traveling again. So he'll have to keep focusing on the long-term and just take a lot of drugs in the short-term, LOL.

    We were finally able to downsize this past year, after having our house on the market for 3 years. It has been wonderful to have less to take care of. And I no longer have a half mile hike from the laundry to the master bedroom closet (not much of an exaggeration, LOL). It is sad though to say goodbye to cherished possessions. But all in all, simple is MUCH better. You won't regret it.

    I'm sorry that the business stuff is not working out. Another door will open...

  9. I agree abt getting older and wanting less. There is nothing wrong with that. Don't feel you need to apologize abt blogging - it should never be something you feel you have to regret - it should be that you enjoy it. If cutting back posts makes you enjoy it thats great. Who needs another thing to feel guilty abt? I would rather have someone post once a month or so than to get frustrated and stop all together. As far as for Christmas, since I have an 8 wk old pup we decided not to put up a tree but bought a Charlie Brown tree and put it up on the entertainment center and only put the mantle stuff up and guess what it's fine and makes me happy! Get the things you need done and post when you can! Have a great holiday season and enjoy looking for that wonderful farm

  10. I absolutely am always on the search for a simpler life!!

    In some ways I'm lucky. I've been blessed with a fairly simple life. I prayed for a long time for 'peace' in my life. And when God granted me that brought simplicity.

    But eventually, even in a simple life, things find their way back into the home, energy suckers find their way back into your life....and you need to cleanse and purge again every so often. That's where I am right now...needing to get the home organized again, purge too much 'stuff', and rid my life of the 'energy suckers' who've stumbled back in.

    Good luck to you and your husband on your new adventure!! You will cherish a simpler lets you focus on LIFE...not the stuff. :)

  11. So glad you popped back in to say hello! I have missed your posts. I am sorry things didn't work out for you business venture. There are changes coming up for us here too. It can be scary at times.
    I hope all goes well with your husbands surgery. And I hope you find your little house in the country. Sounds great to me! Less is more in my book. :)

  12. I totally understand the wanting of simpler things in life. Sometimes I want to get some boxes and pack everything up and then start from scratch! I believe it all weighs us down and keep us from seeing things in perspective. A little farmhouse sounds good to me.

    I will be sending good thoughts your way and I wish your husband well.


  13. Hi Polly.

    I;m sorry to hear the store venture wasnt working for you but I think you did the right thing to just move on from it rather than waste your talent there..
    I am sending you holiday wishes that you and your hubby find that small peaceful home where life can be good for both of you..
    I downsized 9 years ago and sometimes when I look at blogs I remember my front and back staircase and how wonderful it was to decorate it, But I can say honestly it wasnt worth the stress. I am happy in my little home and peace is pricless.. I wish it for you...

    holiday Hugs

  14. i LOVE our 'dawdy haus,' aka-downsized house!
    now i'm planning on having a giveaway pile for our children at christmas as there is too much 'stuff' again - can't wait! blessings to you & your husband in this piece of your journey!

  15. Polly, Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us. You and your husband are in my prayers. I pray for clear direction for you both and a quick healing for your husband. I love the scipture Debianne shared and agree with her. I'm believing that for my own life as well!

  16. you do what you need to do. it is always nice to hear from you, and I'll just add an Amen to your post. we too are downsizeing and it is hard right now.. but I know it will be best (for you too) in the longrun.

  17. Polly, I just found your blog. I have enjoyed it so much already. Sorry about all the roller coaster of life, that seems to be a little rough right now.

    when you talk of down sizing, I relate. We down sized our home just over 4 years ago. Our children still miss our really big home. Although we have all been happier in our smaller house. As we down sized square footage, it made us let go of all the excess, see what was really important & most of all bring us together in to the same rooms to hang out. Which helped us talk more with each other.

    Best wishes to you doing this Holiday Season!

  18. Life can be challenging, that is for sure. And with things up in the wonder you feel out of sorts! It is hard!! I know.
    I hope you find that house and I am looking forward to whatever posts you can make. Just take care of you and your hubby. We all will still be here...praying for you both!
    I decorated my mantel...that is as far as I have gotten. You can come look see!

  19. I understand completely where you are coming from. We are in the same house, but are doing some much needed updates. In the process of cleaning out things to do the work and between our last yard sale, the accumulation of stuff has been overwhelming. I am truly craving simplicity, so this is the perfect time to do that. I no longer want closets stuffed to the ceiling, and storage building full also. We have one little building that my husband would like to make into a little cottage. That will mean much cleaning out. I understand the job loss and living with less, things became much less complicated and it was good. Praying that you find that simple little farmhouse soon, and I am right there with you with the Christmas decor. There will be none this year, and that will be another thing that is simplified greatly in the coming year. Who needs a bunch of stuff to celebrate the real reason for Christmas? Hang in there, and I know that this will be a blessed journey for you, that doesn't mean without hardships, but that I have learned, is when we grow the most. Looking forward to watch your journey. Jackie


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