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About Me

Hi there. I'm so glad you found my blog. Here's a little about me if you're interested.

My name is Polly Blair. I have been a successful practicing interior designer for 16 years, and I also have a professional drapery workroom that services residential and to the trade clients and businesses.

I've worked with a few production companies for home decor television programs in my career.

For High Noon Entertainment, I started my tv career as a set designer and location scout for "What You get for the Money" . My job was to find the houses that the host would film his segments in, and stylize them for shooting. Often I would use my own personal client's homes for filming. I worked on that show for a year and a half. I was able to work with Mike Seigel, of WYGFTM and "If Walls Could Talk" fame, on a regular basis.

I was able to learn a lot about what the eye of the camera sees versus what we see standing in a room. I would make sure that the elements that showed up in the camera monitor
were arranged properly for the host's set up in the shot.

After WYGFTM, I was auditioned and asked to be the original designer for the new (at that time) Carter Can show, working as the designer for Carter Oosterhouse. It was my responsibility to design the makeovers with the construction crew, and see them through to completion for filming. I was the on-camera designer for 14 episodes, until the show moved from Denver to LA.

During my time on CC, I was able to skillfully hone my "makeover on a budget" skills.

After the CC show moved out of state, I became the host and writer for 2 shows for Slate Media, out of Florida.

Building it Green was a show where I interviewed green builders who were building full housing developments, during the process of construction, so we could get an inside look at what went into building an environmentally sound home.

The American Home was a show where we took the viewer on a tour of a completed luxury home and interviewed the homeowner and builder about their product selections for that home.

After those shows, I decided to move away from on-camera tv work, and began writing a few commercials on a freelance basis.

Eventually I decided to move back into my full service interior design business, and am now doing that part time while I build my Beauty in the Backroads Photo Art business, and my Make Mine Beautiful Work Aprons for Women business.

For many years, I did sales training with other designers and trade companies to help them grow their clientele, and also taught ongoing window treatment classes to help them understand how to sell the proper coverings for window in their own businesses.

I've also taught many, many people to sew fabulous home decor, and hope to continue that sewing instruction here on my blog via my Home Decor Series.

For my personal home I tend to lean towards a French Romantic flavor of decor, and live out my other style crushes through my clients. I can go from country chic to shabby chic to contemporary in the flip of a switch!


On the personal side, I have been married for 18 years to a man I've been with for a total of 23. We've lived in TN, KY, MN, MI, Iowa, Ohio, Colorado, and now back to KY.

I do not have any children of my own, but have had the great priviledge of having my husband's 4 children in my life for all these years. Between them we have 13 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and one on the way.

I enjoy writing, sewing, and photography as hobbies. And I am a bonafide, certified mama's girl. I am also a prayer warrior that is compassionate to other people's needs.


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