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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Calling on Prayer Warriors

Those of you who tag along with my musings know that I am a prayer warrior.
I believe in the power of prayer, and in the gifts and miracles of God.
I have had many in my own life, and have seen Him work in others.
I am popping in today to ask all of you with a heart for others to help me pray for my friend Lucy.
(You'll see a link to her blog in my sidebar.)

Isn't she beautiful?
She is indeed, but all of that beauty is hiding a very serious heart disease.
Without sharing too much of her story, I will just tell you that she is facing a critical medical
situation and NEEDS OUR PRAYER - right NOW -this very minute.

I have a few prayer circles praying for her, and if you will, I'd like for you to as well.

Lucy herself is now praying this prayer. I am posting it so that you know her needs.
Her situation is desperarte, and her needs are extreme.

Heavenly Father, Lord I come to you with a troubled heart, both in spirit and in in health.
 Father, I know that YOU are the giver of life, and I KNOW that
you have the power to restore my health if it is in your will.
God, I am asking you with all that I have in me, to put your hands inside my body and restore
me to a degree of health that will make my life more manageble for myself and my family.
Lord, I ask you to be ever present in my life even when I fail to be present in yours.
 I ask you Father to send angels to camp about me and lift me up when I am down, and to give my care takers the wisdom and the knowledge to treat my condition with success.
I ask you also to wrap your arms of comfort and provision around me,
and protect me throughout this trial.
God, your word says that where two or more are gathered in your name, BELIEVING, so SHALL we receive. I am covered in prayer by a multitude of your children today,
and I am believing, in the name of Jesus, that YOU will bring me safely through this.
 Help me Lord, to have the strength to withstand the treatment that will bring my health back to my body. I am trusting and believing that you are with me. Help me always to have my thoughts on you. In the name of Jesus, I seek these blessings and provisions in my life. Amen.


Please let her know in the comments that you are lifting her up in prayer.
She needs us, and she needs to know that there are people who care for those that they don't even know.
I thank you, and I know that she does too.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birds of a Feather - Wall Art

My latest project satisfies my love for birds and nests perfectly.
I've had so many nests just laying around in various places throughout the house, and realized I had never tried to pull them together in a single collection.

Well, we all know that ideas can pop out of nowhere when we least expect them.
I was in the Habitat Restore one day and found 2 of those french door inserts.
You know, the flimsy plastic kind that snap into the frames around the glass.
It hit me immediately that I could hang it on the wall and pull a lot of my bird collection together to fill it.

And, since I had to get my living room finished before my VIP Guest arrived, it was a really quick alternative for wall art with a minimal amount of effort.

I had everything I needed to make this project happen, so I only had to spend the $5 it costs for the frame itself. Can't beat that!

I took the stark white frame and dry brushed on a bit of brown glaze to age it, then laid out my plan on the floor to get it the way I wanted before I committed to it on the wall.

I was in a rush to get it finished, so there are no pictures of the process, but it's such an easy-peasy project that I know you can decifer it from the pictures.
Once I got it the way I wanted it, I simply hung nails to hold the nests, and used double sticky tape to hold the pictures.

I hung it above the small desk that I have in the corner of my living room.
A large piece of art for that small piece of furniture I know, but it gives me the impact I was hoping for.

Oh yeah, I also jazzed up another lamp. I found the shade at a thrift store for about 2 bucks, and I added one of my flower embellishments to the center and eyelash trim to the bottom.
(Trim from Hobby Lobby, Fabric Flower from my shop)
(I found my graphics for the wall piece at The Graphics Fairy, and purchased
a few more from Masterpiece Designs on Etsy.)
I love the way it warms up an otherwise drab corner!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a Note

I miss all of you. I miss visiting you and I miss your visits to my blog. Every time I post, I eagerly await your comments so I can start "talking" to all my friends in email.
I simply can't believe how fast time goes by.
Right now, I feel like I'm all alone out here in a big field, shouting, but no one can hear me.
I'm lonely - I need the voices of my friends.

Every day I think I'm going to be able to sit down and do a blog post and fill you guys in on my life..................and every night I get back to my hotel room and crash straight into bed.

You see, I started a new job. I didn't want to say anything until the dotted line was signed.
I've been out of town doing my training. I'm learning to be back on my feet again - literally - all day long.
I can tell you without a doubt that I miss my afternoon naps in the worst way possible.
I'm squeezing a 6 week training course into 3 weeks so that I can get moved into my final place as soon as possible.

What am I doing? Well, I think it just may be a dream job for many of us with fabric type obsessions. I'm managing a fabric store! Woohoo!
I'll give you more details on that once I get settled into my final destination.
Yes, I did it. I gave up self employment and went to work for a company.
A stable company, getting a steady paycheck, and real benefits.
(although I don't think they've caught on to how beneficial an afternoon siesta can be yet!)
Hey, when a company like that calls you wanting to know if you'd be interested in coming to work for them, you jump on it. Know what I mean? Sure you do.

Anyway, I will not be back home until the 20th, so I won't be able to give you a full blog before then on any of my projects, but, I'll clue you in to what lies ahead.

First up will be my new Bird in a Frame wall art.

After that....guess what? I got my master bedroom finished so I'll be doing a full reveal.

Then I'll move on to the dining room changes.
Wait till you hear why my normal table is missing. I meant to tell you all about it back at Thanksgiving but I forgot. It's funny.

Finally, I'll tell you all about my visit with this wonderful family. And I mean wonderful!

So, that's where I've been and what I'm up to, and what I've got coming up in the near future.

What have you been up to?


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