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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birds of a Feather - Wall Art

My latest project satisfies my love for birds and nests perfectly.
I've had so many nests just laying around in various places throughout the house, and realized I had never tried to pull them together in a single collection.

Well, we all know that ideas can pop out of nowhere when we least expect them.
I was in the Habitat Restore one day and found 2 of those french door inserts.
You know, the flimsy plastic kind that snap into the frames around the glass.
It hit me immediately that I could hang it on the wall and pull a lot of my bird collection together to fill it.

And, since I had to get my living room finished before my VIP Guest arrived, it was a really quick alternative for wall art with a minimal amount of effort.

I had everything I needed to make this project happen, so I only had to spend the $5 it costs for the frame itself. Can't beat that!

I took the stark white frame and dry brushed on a bit of brown glaze to age it, then laid out my plan on the floor to get it the way I wanted before I committed to it on the wall.

I was in a rush to get it finished, so there are no pictures of the process, but it's such an easy-peasy project that I know you can decifer it from the pictures.
Once I got it the way I wanted it, I simply hung nails to hold the nests, and used double sticky tape to hold the pictures.

I hung it above the small desk that I have in the corner of my living room.
A large piece of art for that small piece of furniture I know, but it gives me the impact I was hoping for.

Oh yeah, I also jazzed up another lamp. I found the shade at a thrift store for about 2 bucks, and I added one of my flower embellishments to the center and eyelash trim to the bottom.
(Trim from Hobby Lobby, Fabric Flower from my shop)
(I found my graphics for the wall piece at The Graphics Fairy, and purchased
a few more from Masterpiece Designs on Etsy.)
I love the way it warms up an otherwise drab corner!


  1. I LOVE this! Such a cool idea. I'll have to keep this in mind for the next time I visit our ReStore.

  2. What a great idea, Polly! It shows off your collection so well, too, and fills that wall nicely. Love the lamp with your embellishments!

  3. Polly~~~~

    This is beyond beautiful!! You have a great way of seeing the potential of just about anything! I love it. And the lamp is so sweet, too. Great job!


  4. I love this, it does give a nice big impact like you were going for!


  5. I too love this vignette!! Fabulous! And a great way to pull a collection together!!
    The lamp is adorable

  6. So happy to see you back. That is a great idea for displaying a collection. Hope your new job is going well and that you will still have time to keep us up to date on your life.

  7. I just found your blog and I must say I Love it! Fabulous idea with the frame. The lamp is wonderful. Love this idea ;-) I will be following along

  8. I love this Polly! It's beautiful. Love the birds, nests, and pretty pictures.

  9. I love this! Gina told me about you and that you live in Murf. TN So do I! We are neighbors! I am your newest follower too!
    Come see me and follow at

  10. Hi Polly!
    I am perusing your blog so I can find out a bit about the ladies I am going to be with at Gina's!
    I LOVE LOVE this idea!!
    I have an old window, some birds' nests, and antique postcards and this is a great alternative to keeping the nests under cloches!
    Thanks for the inspiration! I think we will get along just fine! ;)
    HUGS and blessings...
    Going to read some more...


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