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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Calling on Prayer Warriors

Those of you who tag along with my musings know that I am a prayer warrior.
I believe in the power of prayer, and in the gifts and miracles of God.
I have had many in my own life, and have seen Him work in others.
I am popping in today to ask all of you with a heart for others to help me pray for my friend Lucy.
(You'll see a link to her blog in my sidebar.)

Isn't she beautiful?
She is indeed, but all of that beauty is hiding a very serious heart disease.
Without sharing too much of her story, I will just tell you that she is facing a critical medical
situation and NEEDS OUR PRAYER - right NOW -this very minute.

I have a few prayer circles praying for her, and if you will, I'd like for you to as well.

Lucy herself is now praying this prayer. I am posting it so that you know her needs.
Her situation is desperarte, and her needs are extreme.

Heavenly Father, Lord I come to you with a troubled heart, both in spirit and in in health.
 Father, I know that YOU are the giver of life, and I KNOW that
you have the power to restore my health if it is in your will.
God, I am asking you with all that I have in me, to put your hands inside my body and restore
me to a degree of health that will make my life more manageble for myself and my family.
Lord, I ask you to be ever present in my life even when I fail to be present in yours.
 I ask you Father to send angels to camp about me and lift me up when I am down, and to give my care takers the wisdom and the knowledge to treat my condition with success.
I ask you also to wrap your arms of comfort and provision around me,
and protect me throughout this trial.
God, your word says that where two or more are gathered in your name, BELIEVING, so SHALL we receive. I am covered in prayer by a multitude of your children today,
and I am believing, in the name of Jesus, that YOU will bring me safely through this.
 Help me Lord, to have the strength to withstand the treatment that will bring my health back to my body. I am trusting and believing that you are with me. Help me always to have my thoughts on you. In the name of Jesus, I seek these blessings and provisions in my life. Amen.


Please let her know in the comments that you are lifting her up in prayer.
She needs us, and she needs to know that there are people who care for those that they don't even know.
I thank you, and I know that she does too.


  1. I lifted her up in prayer immediately and will put her in my prayer book. God bless.

  2. Praying that Jehovah-Rapha will display His power in Lucy's body.

  3. Praying....Just know God is Good ALL THE TIME. And we pray for what Lucy needs right now. Peace my friend....may God bring you peace.

  4. Praying that Lucy will receive that which is for her highest good at this time. May she feel God's loving presence through this difficult period in her life.

  5. I am lifting Lucy up in prayer as we speak. God Bless and grant Lucy the peace that passes all understanding

  6. I am praying for Lucy that God will give her what she needs most and that she will feel God's grace and healing power.


  7. I have said a prayer for Lucy.... I hope everything works out and that the medical people feel God's guidance also

  8. Lord I pray for Lucy- Father we ask your Grace and Mercy be upon her.
    Father your word says that your weakness is greater than our strength and your foolishness greater than our wisdom--So though we cannot do anything or say anything We Trust you to meet Lucy's needs spiritually and physically no matter what that may be and we trust you to help us accept the outcome, because it is for your Glory oh Lord. We thank you Lord that you will use this in Lucy's life as a testimony, no matter what for your Glory.
    We praise you and thank you, Lord-- for the example that she is- to cause people everywhere to come together by faith and pray to you, asking for all things with Peace in our hearts that surpasses our own understanding. Because our minds cannot comprehend the depth of your Love.
    In Jesus Name, I pray this prayer-- amen.

  9. I'm praying for her right now. And God bless you for being a good friend.

  10. May God be with Lucy. She will be in my prayers.

  11. I'm praying for your friend to make a full recovery !

  12. I will pray for you, Lucy. Today, tonight at church, and throughout the week.


    Love you Pol!

  13. You gals are the best! Lucy hasn't seen this yet, but I'm sure she'll be overwhelmed when she does. She is hurting, both in spirit and in health, and this will really lift her up.I knew blogland was full of prayer warriors! Hasn't let me down once!

  14. Adding my prayer to yours, Lucy;s and all these fine folks.. saying it now over and over and also asking for healing for her. Surrounding Lucy in a bubble of light and love...

  15. I've lifted Lucy's needs to the GREAT PHYSICIAN. I will continue to pray with all the prayer warriors here for Lucy's healing. May she be surrounded by God's healing arms.

  16. I never cease to be amazed at Polly. I ask for prayer and I get a whole army. I thank you from deep in my heart. I have felt your prayers and covet them. Everyday I learn how much He loves me and knows my situation, even though I don't always understand or fully trust. I know that He has heard your plea on my behalf and I am excited to learn what He has is store for me and my life.

    Can I add, that I already feel his workmanship in my body. Your continued prayers are appreciated. Polly...I love you dear friend. While I sat on the gurney at the ER, you came to mind. I knew what I needed to do. Thanks for your servant's heart. Truly amazing.

  17. I am praying right now for her!!

  18. Sending my prayers with everyone else's for Lucy. I hope you will feel the love and prayers being sent your way Lucy. Hugs. Terri.

  19. Lucy, I am lifting you up in prayer, joining so many others! God Bless You!

  20. Polly, I am praying for your friend. It seems there has been a lot of loss and prayers needed lately in blog land. Glad we are all here for prayers and support. I will be praying for her and her family.

  21. There is such power in collective prayer ~ and thank you for asking us to do this. I consider it an honor! I will pray for perfect healing and for the medical team to have all the knowledge and skills necessary to treat her.

    And so it is ~

  22. Always happy to pray. Lifting Lucy and her precious heart in prayer. Thank you for sharing her needs with us.


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