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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Tour of My Dining Room

While I'm still working away at my new job, it seems my time here is even more limited.
I'm rushing off again this morning, but before I do, I wanted to share pictures of my dining room with you.

I had it picture perfect right before Christmas.....and should've taken proper pictures then, but, I didn't. But here's one little snippet. Unfortunately there's a tablecloth on the table, but you can see those awesome chairs.

Right after Thanksgiving, I had placed my dining room set on Craigslist because I wanted to get a new one. The area I'm in now is weak for Craigslist, so I didn't receive any calls. In fact, I forgot I even put it on there.
So, having Christmas at my house this past year, I decided to deck out the dining room buffet style. I had everything in it's place, the table set, and all the decorations out.
It was definitely Christmas in the dining room!

Now fast forward to Christmas Eve. My family was all here. The table was all set. Everything was in it's place.

And then the phone rang.

Hello. I was wondering if there any chance you might still have that dining room set for sale.

Umm, well, yes, I do.

Would you mind if I came to look at it. We are desperate to have something for Christmas dinner and we haven't been able to find anything. This looks perfect for us.

You mean today? You want to see it today?

Well yes, if I can. I want to be able to get it home and set it up for dinner.

Uhh, well, I guess you're in luck then cuz it's already set for Christmas dinner!

OMG, you're using it for your dinner?!!

Yes, I am.

I'm so sorry. I really need it though. Can I come and look at it?

I suppose. If you like it, do you need to take it away today?
(oh please God no, oh please God no...)

Unfortunately YES. Do you have something else you could use?

I suppose.
When would you like to come by?

Umm, I'm sitting down the road from your house!

Ma'am, my whole family is headed out to the mall to finsih our Christmas shopping. We were literally getting in the car when you called.

OMG, I'm sorry. Well, since I'm right here, can I just run over real quick?

I suppose.

She's still at my house and has managed to work her way up into my home decor storage room to locate a few accessories for her new house. Which she did.
She claimed they lived only 20 minutes or so away and would go empty their truck and be back.
My husband, being aware that she had every intention of not letting us make it to the mall that day, suggested that he and my nephew load up our truck and follow them home.
Obviously, they jumped all over that.

So, they loaded up the table and chairs, and the rest of the family headed out to shop. It was already after 2 on Christmas Eve. And everything closed early of course.

2 hours later I get a call from my husband saying that the couple lived about an HOUR away, and now he and my nephew were lost on their way back, out in country territory where they could see nothing  because it was getting dark, and there were no signs - and their GPS wouldn't pick up.
They were winging it "by feel".

After many wrong turns later, and a drive across the state line, they finally stumbled upon the way back home.

4 1/2 hours later!!

I'm sure he won't be offering to deliver anything again any time soon.

So now the shopping is all done and we all head back home.

UH OH. We need a table to eat on.
My mom said, "Surely you've got a spare table in your garage".
A "spare" table mom?

Ok, so she's right.
 I did have a spare table in my garage! And chairs too!
A coincidental backup plan. :)

Now we had to go dig it out!
And find the chairs!

And so we did.

I tell you all that, to tell you simply this.......
Here is my finished dining room:
(I just felt I need to explain why the table isn't painted. :)
That's because I was forced to use a table I wasn't planning to use, but now I've decided to keep and paint.)

The current table is a trestle table I picked up at a yard sale for $75 several years back.
For now, I just put my old runner on it.......................

BUT.......I'm going to paint the top in a black and cream large harlequin pattern and paint the base barn red with gold gilding............eventually.

"Eventually", meaning, AFTER I pull it back out of storage in a few months!
That's right, I'm packing my house away - AGAIN!
Moving - AGAIN!

More on that later................."later", meaning, when and if I find a new house near my new job.
Those extended stay hotels are looking better every single day. :)


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