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Monday, November 9, 2009

My Apologies..............

Bowing head and tucking my tail...................
I know I promised that I'd give you a tour of my workroom today, but some changes came up and I haven't been able to get around to that. My boss decided to send me off for two weeks to help out elsewhere, so I've been working like a mad hatter trying to get things tied up here.
I also just found out that the hotel I'm staying in still has dial up (!!!), so I'm not sure how effective I'll be on here for the next two weeks. Dial up! Can you believe that? In a hotel?! In 2009!

I promise to post the full workroom when I return and take thorough pictures.
Meanwhile, take a look at the post below. All of those were made in the workroom.....does that count for anything??


  1. Still has dial up? That's almost laughable! We'll see your tour when the time comes. I didn't comment yesterday but sure enjoyed all of your window treatments.

  2. What's dial up?

    Ha! Just kidding! I am really surprised that there is a hotel out there that isn't up-to-date technologically.

  3. don't have to apologize for working. :)

  4. I enjoyed seeing all your window treatments in your home. I too, have made custom ones for many years. It made me laugh when you said you took down some out of your home for a client. Once, I emptied a purse I had made for a lady who just had to have it right then.
    Will look forward to your workroom tour when you get back. Dial-up....ugggg. I am way to impatient.


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