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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Ultimate Women's Work Apron

We're in the full swing of moving right now, but I wanted to take the time to respond to several emails I've received this week. I've gotten many requests to talk about the Women's Work Aprons I make since a couple of people have talked about them recently.
I posted on this before, but will give you a little more detail here. I'll have a full post on these in February when our apron store is in full operable order. This one is our most popular pattern, but when the store opens, you will find many others, full body and waist style.
(These patterns are patent pending, and MakeMineBeautiful is a legally registered trademark)

These aprons truly are the Ultimate Women's Work Apron. Who wouldn't want to look cute while they work. And is always my motto, they are pretty & practical fun things to have. They're almost a must for the woman business professional.
We've made a few changes in the manufacturing process so that we can offer these great work aprons for a reduced price of $42.

These are sturdy work aprons, designed to last. Made from Home Dec weight fabrics.

There is a snap-on/removable washable cloth.

The center is scooped at the bottom so that the apron does not shift while you work, sit, or climb.

The waistband is adjustable and snaps together for better stability.

There are 4 pockets, 2 large, 2 small.

There is a scissor loop, 3 loops on the opposite side to hold smaller things. (I use mine for tweezers and chalk markers.)

There is a double loop at the bottom to hold a small hammer and a tape measure.

*The picture shows an external loop on the side where the cloth is. I've removed that because the focus testers said it interferes with the scissors.

The pockets and the apron base are all lined for stability.

The waistband is slightly scooped at the top so that it fits a woman's hips better.

These are so comfortable that, even with the pockets filled, you forget you're wearing them.

Comes to you with a professional grade fabric protector applied so that your apron is cleanable without having to wash.

Go ahead and grab one for yourself! You'll want to be ready for all of those new How-To series starting all across blogland this year, including mine, and you'll be geared to start sewing, building, crafting, and painting with one of these on your waist.

The following patterns are currently available:
The one above that says Pattern #4, and these:

You can currently find them for purchase here:

You'll love this one! There is no other apron like this on the market!

..........................Back to my packing now.

Remember to keep sending me your questions and suggestions about what you would like to learn in my new Home Decor Series.


  1. Absolutely adorable and your pattern choices are great!

  2. I'm so excited for you! These look like winners to me! And as for what I'd like to see in your new series: I love tutorials on how to decorate, new craft how-tos, anything with pretty photos! Good luck on your move, etc!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Polly! I know you're busy getting ready to move, but I hope you'll be swimming in orders. I will definitely be watching for any add-ons you have available!

    As for your series, you're in a great position to talk about what to tackle when you first move into a new place {apartment, house or condo}. I can imagine that would be something I'll be concerned with if we sell our house this year. Using your furniture, window treatments, etc., from one house to another type of thing.

  4. Your aprons are great, Polly. I hope you sell lots. Best wishes for your move and am looking forward to your Home Decor series.

  5. The aprons are pretty, love the fabric combinations.

  6. Hi Polly. Have really missed your posts. Hope your move is going well and that you will be back here soon.

  7. Your aprons are really cool. I've been wondering how the move has been going. Quite a few miles to get settled in, but the sun's shining here today. Loving it!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  8. Hi Polly~ ~
    What a great idea for an apron you have come up with. I love the new fabric combos too. Good luck with your new venture. Excited to see what you will be teaching.


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