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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thrifting all the right places!

No doubt about it, THRIFTING excites the bejeezers out of me.
Seriously, I hyperventilate when I find a great NEW place to shop.

One day we were out driving around, just trying to see what's in our new town, and all of a sudden, I saw this.....
Hellllll-o,  STOP. THE. CAR!


This, my friends, is my new favorite -and I do mean favorite - thrift shop. Love, love, love, that's all I can say.

You know how it is, right? Like when you discover a new fabric store, or Cricut comes out with a great new cartridge, or Michael's puts out that 25% off your total purchase coupon and that includes sale stuff too.
Yeah, I'm talking those kind of goosebumps good.

This is Daisy's Corner.
 Actually it's Jennifer, Nelda, and Tammy's corner.
And they understand the need for cheap pricing the heart of a thrifter.

I've scooped up many treasures there already, which I'll tell you about along the way, like this stool turned table base.
It's become a weekly visit for me. You have to go weekly or you miss a lot. They get new things all the time. And don't think you can look at something and then go back later and get it, because it will NOT be there. Stuff sells that quick!

Let me just give you a walking tour, which is what you're waiting for anyway I'm sure.

See what I mean?
If you're in the Bowling Green, Ky, area, you can find them in Richpond, which is straight down Nashville Road (about midway between BG and Franklin).
They're right across from Richpond Market (where you can have a great lunch, by the way).
You can't miss them.
The address is 8052 Nashville Road.
Their phone number is 270-777-3360.

And, for those in the area that are interested in selling your stuff, they take consignment!

NOTE: I am promoting this shop of my own free will. No one has paid me to say this in any way. This post is my own opinion, and I share it because I wouldn't want you to miss out on a good thing if you're in the area.

Can you guess where I'm headed when I finish working in the yard? :)


  1. Oh my word, this place is just fabulous. We don't have anything like it at all here. I could get lost in there for days. So glad you found it. Have a super 4th. Hugs, Marty

  2. That barn star and rusty bucket would be mine in a real hurry! I'm so glad you found a fun hot spot in your area. I wonder if they ever miss their garage? LOL I often thought what it would be like to do the same with mine to sell my own creations... interesting!


  3. What a great place. I hardly looks like a thrift shop things are displayed so creatively.

  4. Polly, that does looks like shopping paradise! I love it when shops combine found treasures, antiques, and plants. Something about the plants just adds so much, I think. :)

  5. What a great shop! I see lots of things I could fall in love with. Have a wonderful 4T.
    xo, Sherry

  6. I'd take the scroll shutter and the black lantern thing on the right side of the same pic.

    I'd actually move to KY just for this shop. I don't know if EC would oblige. I could try!!!

    We have NOTHING like that close to me. At least I haven't found it yet. But then again I just started thinking about junk stuff recently. Thanks to you and some others!!! <3

  7. Polly,
    I would be browsing there all the time, if I lived closer! Great place!!!

  8. What a great place, Polly! It looks like they have tons of treasures!

  9. Sounds like a little bit of heaven! Glad you found a new spot. I have seen so many little places along 70 going to the RDU airport that I am dying to stop and plunder. One day soon! Happy thrifting!

  10. What a great selection of treasures! Sure wish they had something like that in our area! You are sooooo lucky!

  11. Oh my goodness!! I have goosebumps all the way over here in Texas! I wish I could find some places like this around here! Guess I will start looking once school starts again.


  12. Now, that is my kinda shop. I wouldn't want to leave. Next time I am in KY, visiting with you and Daisy' Corner is a must. I loved the window with the quilt along with many other things. You have to share with us what you buy there and what you do with it. Pleeeeese!!

  13. I will take the birdhouses, the wooden bench and the shutters just to name a few! What a beautiful place!! Lucky you for sure!!

  14. That looks like a fun place to shop! They really have their items arranged nicely. I see quite a few things I would buy. Lucky you to have found such a great place.

  15. Darn it! I live in Boston...toooooo far away to hop on over;) I would LOVE to go here!!!!

  16. Oh, my. I had to stop going to places like that or hubs would leave! Oh but such good stuff!

  17. WHOA !!! I can see exactly why this is your favorite! I can spot all kinds of things I'd haul away from there. Great spot!

  18. What I think of when I look at this is that ANY thrift store could do this! I don't see much here that most thrift stores (Goodwill, etc) don't offer. They just don't take the time to make their stuff appealing. Just think if they did! I don't know about Goodwills where you are but here in the Phoenix area they don't allow their employees to shop. That's the ONE thing that keeps me from applying for a job! I would make my Goodwill store look like this and we would win all the sales awards! Very cute place. Happy Hunting

  19. Road trip!! I agree = it's presentation makes it so special but they also have great variety!

  20. You're right Nank, any thrift store could do this, but they don't. The thing I love about this particular shop is the presentation itself, AND the pricing. I haven't found anyone to beat their pricing, or their customer service, yet. One of the owners also owns a flower/produce business, so there's always fresh flowers and greenery there, which translates into some beautiful smells as you walk the shop.

    Our GWs here aren't good at all. We have 4, and only 1 carries any furniture, and it's usually crappy. In Denver we had fabulous GW stores, and I certainly miss those.

    The daughter to one of my old employees in Denver managed a GW and she'd call us all the time and tell us what just came off the trick or what was donated so that we could get a jump on everyone else. They didn't allow the employees to hold anything back from the sales floor, but they did allow them to purchase. It was great for us!


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