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Monday, September 13, 2010

Boxwood Nope-iaries

.....and I say "Nope iaries" because these aren't your traditional topiaries.
Granted, they started out with the intent to be, but we all know what they say about good intentions. I figure I needed to get the most bang for my buck with the boxwood, so I stirred clear of the large balls that require more than one bunch of it.

I'm gearing up for the biggest craft show of the year in this area, so I have a lot of furniture to be painted and accessories to be made, and not a lot of time to do it.

Ever heard of the Webb School Art & Craft Festival in historic Bell Buckle, TN?
No? WHAT? Where have you been?
If you're in the middle TN area or within a reasonable driving distance, you'll really wanna put this on your calendar. HUNDREDS of vendors in the best little downtown area ever.
Vendors come from all over the US to be a part of this one.

Anyway, when I get ready for a craft market, my modus operandi is to raid my supply storage, gather a bunch of like things, and just start making stuff until I run out of supplies.
Then I move on to the next batch of like supplies, and so on, and so on.

I enjoy upcycling furniture, but I really get into making all the little things you need in a booth for space fillers and furniture toppers.
At my last market 2 weeks ago, I sold 2 full 4' x 8' tables of those type of fillers, so now I have to get busy stocking up again.

We all know that greenery makes everything more cozy, and in my area, anything made with boxwood always sells first.
So, boxwood it is!

Here are a few of the things I made yesterday.
Simple, but pretty, just the way I like them.
I made something with all of the pots you see in the first picture, but I've only picked a few to share right now.

The 'How-to' should be self explanatory, but just in case you'd like to make one and need info on how to do so, let me know in the comments and I'll post a step by step for ya.

And for good measure, I made several of these spoon bird nests. I got a great deal on a whole jar of these little spoons, so I had to come up with something for them. I made half of them into magnets, which are really fun to scatter on the fridge.

Hope you enjoy these little projects and make some for yourself.
What have you all been making while I was away?


  1. These are great, Polly! I see a few I'd buy myself! : ) You do such a great job on the pots, too. Love the idea with the spoons and nests. Good luck with the fair!

  2. Hey Polly! These look terrific, and I am glad that you do these sorts of projects. Makes me smile:) I love the pitcher with the boxwood and black and white ribbon. Made me think of something for halloween, so thanks!

  3. The topiaries are just beautiful and I love the birds darling!! :-)


  4. These all look fabulous - I love the white containers and the perfect amount of embellishment on each. I came over from Its So Very Cheri!


  5. Love those!! I have never been to the Bell Buckle festival... You may have talked me into trying it this year!

  6. Oh how pretty and creative. They all look wonderful. I love the boxwood arrangements and your containers are decorated so beautifully too. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hi Polly,
    So glad to see a post from you. Great projects. Definitely will sell at the market.

  8. HI POLLY, thanks for visiting me at cottage romance today! i appreciate your nice comments on my chandy and silver ceiling! i love your nope-iaries! they are gorgeous! and the spoons are too tweet;)! i love anything birdish!!!! please come again!

  9. Beautiful greenery!!! They are definitely unique! I love them all! And the spoons are delicious!!

  10. Hello there - Oh my goodness, I LOVE the little pitcher with the greens and the ribbon/bow around it. I would buy that for sure. Good luck and have fun at your Craft Show!
    Best regards,

  11. Polly: I just wanted to say "thanks" - I looked at your other page of blogging tips. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love these! You're so creative. Now this may be a stupid question. But are these fake plants?

  13. Love your little "Nope-araries" Polly. I can see why they are great sellers. Your addition of ribbons, lace and buttons make them so special. Just wondering what you sell them for?
    I'm doing a couple of shows this year. Haven't done them for many many years, but with finances as they are, I'm selling my little girls purses.
    Looking forward to more projects from you.

  14. So adorable! I just adore the little beads and cute buttons your put on the ribbon. Glams it up a bit! You're so talented.

    Stopping by from Making the World Cuter (:
    XO Michaela

  15. Love the nopiaries. Very creative.

  16. Oh Pol!!!! Those spoons!!!! Will you look at those spoons!!!!?? They will be GONE in a flash!! How do you think up these things? I'm kinda jealous about it!!!

    The no-piaries are beautiful!! While I prefer the NO- piariy kind myself...I do also enjoy the artistry of a traditional topiary, especially one that has a bit of pizzazz! I gravitate towards willowy and whimsy!!
    I took some photos of some "funky" ones today while on a field trip with the boys! If I ever get myself coordinated, maybe one of these days this week I'll actually post!


  17. Oh! (excuse the drool) I love these! That white pitcher with the All of it is great. You'll make a killing. Lisa~

  18. I love these nope-iaries!! So cute and they will be super sellers. I'm going to feature you in our Spotlight Sunday tomorrow!

  19. My favorite, the little white pitcher with the black and white bow.

  20. These are so beautiful! Where do you find your boxwood? I must be overlooking it at craft stores!

    I'm in Smyrna, Tn and love Bell Buckle but have never been to the craft show {though I've heard of it!} Do you have any info on submitting crafts to the juried panel in order to be approved? I couldn't find that info on the site but would love to be a part of this show maybe next year {preparing to get my online shop off the ground now...}. Sounds like a lot of fun!


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