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Monday, January 3, 2011

Calling All Fabric Detectives - I NEED This Fabric!

I'm working on a project and I REALLY NEED some of this fabric.

Yes, I YOU want it too, huh? It's fabulous!

I'll take anything you may be able to find. Check your stashes, ask your friends, scavenge close-out stores - PLEASE, just help me find some more. If you have it made up into something in your house, and you're tired of it, I'll take whatever that is too!

I know that the fabric was discontinued a few years back, but hey, if you're a fabric hoarder like myself, there's a rare chance you may just have some tucked in a closet somewhere.

It's a home dec fabric, not quilt weight.
It is by 5th Avenue Designs for Covington, but I can't find a name for it. I have searched over 30 fabric websites extensively for it, to no avail. Please, don't waste your time doing that - it's not there. :(

I have sent countless emails to Covington, only to get no response. Covington is a fabric company that sells bolts to retail stores, so maybe that's why I can't get them to return my emails.

If you've ever seen that fabric, and can remember where, please let me know. I've been holding on to the remnant I have for over 8 years, if that tells you anything. I thought I had several yards on a bolt, but upon further digging, I can only find the remnant. That's a big boo-hoo.

Let me know in the comments if you have some of it. Obviously, I'll gladly pay for it.

Thank you in advance. I trust that somebody out there knows something. Maybe one of you designers out there who buy up fabric thinking you'll use it 'some day', and still haven't, will find it in your fabric closet. (Ohhh, I'm hoping SO hard!)
......And for a little sneak peak, here's a glimpse at what part of this project will include.

And if you'll take a minute to help me further, and you have a Facebbok page, please click the little button under the post to share this on your FB page, or even on your twitter page.
You never know who might have some of this fabric, so the more I get the word spread, the better my chances of getting it.



  1. My friend is a Covington rep...I've sent him an email...I'll keep you posted!!!

  2. Hi, Polly! I recognize your fabric but don't have any myself! Good luck finding some! Surely someone out there has it in their stash!

  3. I don't have it, but I love it, Polly! It looks perfect for a frame project, too. I guess you checked eBay and craigs list.

  4. Wish I could help you but I don't have any either. The way blogging works I bet someone will know someone who knows someone that has some! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  5. Well, I just love that fabric. Wish I had some to give you. I will keep my eye out. Please post what you are doing with it. Good Luck. Hope someone comes through for you.

  6. It sure is cute fabric! I certainly hope someone will come forward with some for you. Please let us know what you are doing with it! :)

  7. The fabric is lovely. But alas, I do not have any of it. I hope someone finds or has some for you. Good luck

  8. no help here...just wanted to say how much i enjoyed your post below on christmastime...God is so good...and it was such an encouragement to me.
    THANKS for the sweet words about my dd's was fun!
    Blessings to you this new year...

  9. Were you able to find your fabric? I will be emailing you soon, and still praying for you. Jackie

  10. That's a very lovely fabric indeed. Off to read some of your past posts.
    Have a sweet Sunday! xx

  11. Hey Polly...I put your fabric plea on my FB, Google Buzz and Twitter. Maybe, just maybe someone will see it or pass it on and make your day. Good luck and thanks for the continued prayers.

  12. I just put this on my Tweeter...hope you find it...It is very nice fabric..

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Polly, I can't help with the fabric, but it is beautiful! I wanted to thank you for your comment on my post. There is no understanding, only HOPE!! That's what God promises us as HIS children. (((HUGS))) to you sweet lady. Blessings!

  15. That's a beautiful fabric- I hope you find some. Does it need to be that exact fabric? There are a couple of similar-in-style Michael Miller fabrics here: AND

  16. Hi Polly,
    I tried to send an e-mail to you but my e-mail program wasn't sending anything out so I'm commenting here again. Thanks for you visiting my blog. I loved your comment about the are very creative! The sad part is the number of clocks I have. 15 are in the guest bedroom and easily another 25 in my studio. I only buy them now if they are a really good price because I am running out of space!
    Did you ever find the fabric you were looking for??


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