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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blessings for a Wonderful New Year


I hope this year that you have a life filled with peace and contentment, laughter and joy, love and solitude. I hope you get all that you could ever hope for.

I hope that you will be happy, and that you will prosper at whatever you do, and that your children will experience the same. I hope that you will be in good health, and if you're ailing, that your health will be restored.
I wish your life to be free of serious incident, and that you find provision for whatever your needs may be.

I wish you friends that offer you laughter in your life, and a place to turn for strength when you are in need.

I hope that you will seek out the good in every situation in your life. I hope you will find a way to see the positive in all matters.

I hope you will understand and accept God's will and direction in your life when you think things aren't going your way.

I hope that you will not have to struggle for any reason, but if you do, I hope that you will realize that it is temporary and will not let it get you down.
I hope that you set new goals for yourself, and achieve them.

And most of all, I hope that we can all be better than we were last year. I hope we can all have the opportunity to help others. I hope that we can look at the world a bit differently, and make a difference wherever possible.
May you have someone in your life that you love so much it makes you laugh and cry at the time, and may you be that person in someone else's life.
I hope that you are the person that someone else wants to be like.

I hope that you live your life with purpose.

Wishing you a year of new blessings for 2012.

With Ultimate Sincerity from me to you, Polly


I am so thankful for all of the friends I have made through my blog.

I have been blessed with many great new prayer warriors in my life, and wonderful new sincere friendships, and people who make me laugh so hard I cry. I wouldn't trade you all for anything or anybody.

THANK YOU for enriching my life, and allowing ME to be a part of yours.

 * I post this same blessing for my readers, my friends, and my family each year because my sentiments for you remain the same. *


  1. Happy New Year Polly..

    I hope 2012 will be a happy, blessed year for you and yours.

    Guess what, My broom is 34ths done lol.. soon as I talked to you it unblocked me. Hopefully she'll be ready to show in a week. Cant wait to show it off..


  2. May you have a blessed and joyous new year

  3. Happy New Year Polly~

    hope you have a great start to what I'M HOPING is a wonderful year ahead.


  4. Beautiful sentiments and blessings Polly. I wish the same for your. I really miss your posts, but understand how busy your life is.
    May the new year bring happiness for you and your family. I will keep coming back to check on you.

  5. Happy New Year Polly! I feel like I know you and why do I have the sudden urge to buy a few bolts of fabric : ) LOL!!!!! Thank you for dropping by and saying hello -- now i am your newest follower! Wishing you all the best in the new year and I know that your future surely looks BRIGHT (wishing you the BEST!!!! : ) hugs...


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