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Monday, January 7, 2013

A Major Vanity Makeover - Chalk Paint Project

I love it when I find a furniture piece at auction that no one else wants to bid on.
One might think, if no one is bidding on it, then why do you want it?
Well, because I happen to know the power of paint.......
and this great find was certainly going to need some!

I scored this piece for a little of nothing, and then it sat for months waiting for a makeover because I was almost afraid to tackle it.
Here it is so you'll understand what I mean.

See what I mean? I think the Pepto-bismol color scared buyers away. :) 

But, since I'm in the business of selling furniture, I knew I had to get this painted eventually.
I rarely ever sand any furniture before painting it, but this one required it without a doubt. 7 80 grit sanding pads worth of it in fact.
There were so many layers of paint on it that I thought the piece was laminate. After sanding it down as far as I could, I saw that it was actually solid wood.
Talk about a coat of many colors - look at the layers!

 I really try to think about a piece and what would make it stand out from the norm when we restyle them.
I always want to put a different spin on what we sell so that someone can have a conversation piece in their home, and not simply a piece of painted furniture.
I decided to use a yellow and white combination, and I'm glad I did.

Here's the finished vanity. It's one of my favorite pieces we've done.

 I decided to ixnay the mirror in lieu of something more "happening", so I grabbed an old window from our stock and made a jewelry and note organizer out of it.
I used Annie Sloan Old White and Maison Blanche Jolie Blonde. 
I also replaced all of the knobs. I originally wasn't going to, so we didn't fill in the holes from the old ones. After it was finished though, I knew it needed that punch of whimsy after all.
So I glued down buttons to cover the holes that were left behind, and it ended up looking pretty cute in the end.

(here it is merchandised to sell)

   Here's a side by side:

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  1. It is absolutely beautiful I love it!!!!

  2. LOVE it. And love auctions! Great find.

  3. It's just gorgeous!!! And although I LOVE those old round mirrors I just may love what you did even more!
    Fantastic transformation!
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you follow back when you have the time

  4. Seriously stunning. You are a real talent.

  5. Stunning. You are a serious talent. Keep up the beautiful work.


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