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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

So here's how clueless we are. It rained hard here for a few days non-stop. HARD RAIN. There was non-stop thunder to go along with it. I kept telling my husband how much I loved the thunder. (See, I told ya - clueless.)

My mom lives a little over an hour and a half from me, and Nashville is in the middle of my house and hers. She called me two nights ago and asked how our weather was. I told her it had been raining all day (since 2 am) and night and she told my clueless self to get off my backside and turn on the news. Apparently she was getting 60 mph winds and was expecting a tornado. Perhaps, she thought, I should check my own weather.

But when your mother tells you she's a sitting duck just waiting on the tornado to come through her community, you kinda forget about yourself and tune into her news. And you text everybody you know and ask them to say a prayer for her safety. So, we sat glued to the tv news for the next 3 hours watching what was going on in her neck of the woods. We completely forgot to check our own weather.
In the end, she was safe. Just some property damage.

All the next day we tuned into the Nashville news channel to see what kind of destruction they were facing from the floods and storms. My husband works in Nashville, so we had to keep a check on the roadways.
Well, we had to go out yesterday for me to go to the doctor (another migraine-ugh), and discovered that our own roads were closed.  You could've knocked us over with a feather. We had no clue we got flooding here. We proceeded to drive around with our mouths hanging open in disbelief looking at all of the flooding we had right in our own neighborhood. Could we really have been that clueless? The answer unfortunately is yes.

Searching my own news channel websites today, I managed to snag a few pictures.

We live in the middle of a triangle. To one side of us is Three Springs Road, to the other is Elrod Road. These are our only two exits out of our subdivision.

Here is Three Springs Road yesterday.

Here is Elrod Road:

Here is the ballpark out on the main highway, not far from the house.

And here is somewhere down closer to town.
Notice the difference in the water height at the signs in the forefront of the picture, vs the height at the ones in the back.

I guess we can claim Lady Luck on our side. Seems everyone around us was affected, but not our particular subdivision. We had the strong whistling winds, but thankfully no flooding of our own.

When this migraine goes away (2nd one since last week), I plan to get out and drive around and take my own pictures. Unfortunately I can't see very well when my eyes are throbbing their way out their sockets. Ugh. I get so tired of this pain. Waiting on hubby to come home and give me a shot to put me out of my misery.

Keep the people in these areas in your thoughts and prayers. Many have lost lives and homes- literally everything they own. A few people drown in their cars after getting stuck on the interstate while waiting for help that didn't get there in time. I just can't seem to get that out of my mind. It is so devastating.

Be thankful for what you have and pray for those who have not.

The Red Cross is taking donations to help the areas affected.
Please give a little if you can.

There are many low income people in these areas that have no way to replenish their losses.
And to make matters worse, the news is saying that Home Owner's insurance will not cover the damages to all of the homes that were destroyed by flooding unless they had a specific Flood Insurance Rider. I can only imagine how many did not. They are going to need help recovering from this.

So how about you? Were you affected by the floods? Know anybody who was?


  1. Polly this is devastating news. I'm so sorry for your people down there in Tennessee. I dream of one day owning a home in your lovely state. I will keep sending prayers up. Glad you were spared.

  2. Oh dear, I didn't realize that you and your mom lived in the TN area. We live over in the eastern part of the state and we didn't get too much flooding. There were lots of downed trees from the high winds this past week. The Nashville and middle TN areas got the brunt of flood damage, it seems. You are right that a lot of folks are going to be hurting financially, particularly if they didn't have flood insurance. I would recommend that people also donate to the Salvation Army to suport their relief efforts.

  3. I've been so out of the loop I didn't hear a thing about this until this evening on the news. I don't have the tv on much and I've been outside and not checking online. I grew up in Oklahoma, so I know all about bad weather. After something like this I think I'd find me a canoe at a garage sale and put pots of flowers or something in it in the back yard in case you might need it one day. Take care of yourself and keep us updated! Now I'm going to worry. I get the migraines too. But I don't have to take shots. Yuk.

  4. Oh Polly how horrible. I only just heard about the flooding from my friend who lives in Franklin, TN through Facebook. I don't follow the news. So you are not the only one. You were spared from this. Thank God.

    I will continue to pray for those folks. My friends have a business in DT Franklin. I haven't heard if the water has risen into their building or not. But they posted pics that looked very similar to yours.

    I hope and pray that these migraines subside for you. I'm so sorry that you have this. My dad suffers with them too.

  5. Oh, I know you were worried, Polly I grew up in the middle of tornado alley and it is the worst feeling, wondering if we were going to get hit or if it would take another path. You must have been out of your mind with worry. I'm so glad everyone is safe. And I hope you get over these migraines soon. I have never had one but I never want to either.


  6. Polly, I am so glad that you, your mother and your home are fine. I usually watch the news off and on during the day but I slept thru Sunday and Monday after my ER visit so I too was out of the loop until today also and was hoping that none of my blog friends were affected. I hate to see people losing their homes and all their belongings much less their loved ones. Maybe you can have a weather alert sent to your cell phone or computer if dangerous weather is occurring in your area. Stay safe.

  7. these kinds of events are scary...i'm glad you & your mom are safe!

  8. I've been keeping up with the flooding news in Nashville. My sister lived there for years and my nephew is still there. I'm glad your mom is safe and that you were not terribly affected by the flooding.
    It's a shame to read that after paying into home insurance that some people may not be covered without a special flood insurance rider. That just doesn't seem right. My heart goes out to all of those people who lost so much. Thanks for the info. about Red Cross, I'll go make a donation.
    I'm sorry to read about another migraine. I hope your husband got home quickly to give you your shot.
    Take care,

  9. Oh my gosh... bet you're glad for your higher level little triangle right about now!

    So glad you're safe! Will pray for the safety of others around you and for your own agony. Get well soon. :(


  10. Oh how devastating! Glad you came out unscathed but I feel sorry for those you have not. And with no flood insurance they are in deep doo doo!! Let us hope the government and Red Cross can help these people get back on their feet...soon!

  11. So sorry to hear you have yet another migraine. My prayers go out for you and for all those effected by the weather. Why is it that insurance has loopholes in order to get around helping when it should?? My familiy is in northern KY and have escaped the flooding. Praying for a quick and complete recovery from your migraines, Polly.

  12. Isn't it sad? I live in Chattanooga and we didn't get as much rain as you all did! I too keep thinking about the people on the interstate... that was aweful! Glad you didn't get any damage and hope you feel better!


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