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Friday, July 15, 2011

Repurposed Coat Valet - Easy Peasy Project Alert

I've always wanted one of those antique coat valets.
No real reason - I just thought they were pretty cool looking.

One day while at my favorite thrift store, I lucked up on this baby....

.........rickety, time worn perfection.....and only $8!
Had to have it!

Being clueless as to what I would actually do with it, it sat in the garage for a while.
One day I was unloading my car and sat a stack of baskets on the bottom of this to get them out of the way -
and that's when the inspiration struck!

I knew right that minute that this would become my new guest bathroom organizer.
You heard me right. I say it was destined to hold soap, not coats.

So, I gathered my baskets,

...and a few loads of toiletry items,

...put it all together,

....and came up with this!

And here she is in place.

Purdy Spiffy, eh?
I thought so too.


And before you ask......NO, I have not found a new house yet. This is from our last house, I just never got around to posting about it.

Where am I now?
Still hanging out in extended stay housing, keeping my fingers crossed that a house will fall in my lap before I get all crazy being cooped up in one room.
When it does, I'll let you know.

So tell me, what have you been repurposing lately?

Linking up over at Funky Junk this week.


  1. Hi Polly, I haven't been around for a LONG time. I just went through a major lifestyle change/move. I will have to back track to see what has happened in your world.

    That bathroom rack is really clever. I know how it is to buy something ,not knowing exactly what you will do with it, but just KNOW it is something good.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

    ( I can only seem to leave comments in the "pop up" comment box nowdays. Do you have any clue why? Can anyone help?

  2. That is such a great idea, Polly! I never would have thought of that looking at it in its original state, but seeing how you've got it all set up, it's just perfect. I got my hubby one of those valet's a few years ago ~ I'd use it for something similar except he's actually using it for his clothes and belts and stuff. Hmph - the nerve! : )

  3. Once again you AMAZE ME!! I've always wanted one of the valets too!!!!

    You are so spiffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE this!!

    Miss ya!!!!


  4. Polly I love this! Mainly because it is outside the box style!

  5. What a fantastic idea!! I love that you thought that up It looks functional. Best of both worlds. :)

  6. Love this idea! Really those valets are a great 'idea' but not very practical, not at our home anyway. Your valet though is very useful!
    I am a new follower through FJI.

  7. Love this idea!! Too cute. I need to find one of these! Good job!

  8. Hi Polly~!!
    I'm so glad to see your post..
    You are BRILLIANT. I never would have thought to use it that way in a million years..

    I just want to say:: and YOU know how much this means:: IF I ever choose a designer/decorator for my home, it would be YOU~!


  9. Very clever of you to use the valet in your bathroom. I had one, but it didn't have the thingy on the top. I painted it white and was going to use it to hang my line of baby clothes made from vintage linens, that I have never gotten around to doing. Sadly, it went in our garage sale when we sold our house. After seeing yours, wish I would have kept it.


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