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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Bit of Holiday Decorating Inspiration

I'm going to be out of town for several days and won't be able to blog, so I thought I'd leave you with a little Holiday inspiration in my absense. I'll be back with you on the 9th.
*For those of you waiting on a shipment from me, they will be shipped on the 9th when I return. This includes etsy purchases and the giveaway winners.* (unless I can talk hubs through it while I'm gone.)

The first few pictures are from etsy. I didn't save all of the sellers' names, sorry.

How easy would this be to make? You could even jazz up an existing pillow.

This one is etsy seller countrychic. You should look at her darling stockings!

This is from seller southhouseboutique. She has many incredible things. Very affordable.

Etsy seller pumpkinmoonprims

Rate My Space, allthingsheartandhome

This would look great in so many places in a home, although I would use more colorful ribbons.

This is from a Pottery Barn window display last year.

This is to die for!! I lifted this from the HGTV website.

Flickr, jodyrow. Love these. It's just foam balls with fabrics tucked into scored crevaces.


Rate My Space, 9772291

Rate My Space, KristenB

Not sure where I found this.

Rate My Space, wishingforacottage. LOVE this idea.

I think this came from Country Living.

HGTV Message Boards, Crafts, poster RMW How fabulous is this?!! You have to go see her holiday decorating.

Country Living, I think.

And last, because I have to go pack!

Please cross your fingers for me and send out a "good luck" tomorrow. I'm flying out to look at a house..................that I really want..................but I'm not the only one in the running. It just came up yesterday, and I get to see it tomorrow night, and the realtor is holding off making a decision until I get there. Cross those fingers hard!!!! If we get it, it means we can move back south finally!

Happy Decorating!


  1. Good luck, Polly! I love these pictures. Some really good ideas here, too. Love the gift boxes with house numbers and the centerpiece with the peppermint candies in the hurricane.

  2. Some really great inspiration. I got a couple of ideas to play with. Love that first pillow and many more. I'm so far behind in my decorating. Good luck on your trip. I hope you get what you what your are wishing for.

  3. What beautiful pictures! You sure do have an eye for pretty things, I love the stockings in the first few pics, and I love the trees in the last pics... also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment. Thanks for visiting my bloggie.


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