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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh was good while it lasted

Ok, I know I said I'd be back today to tell you about the house I posted yesterday. However, it looks as if the deal has fallen through (to no one's fault) and there's nothing to tell you about after all. (boo hoo, sad face).
We found the perfect house, in the perfect place, for the perfect price, set down and made our plans to move.................and then..................this morning we got the call that everyone dreads getting.
Hubby's job - not on stable ground. Unstable market, drop in sales, etc, etc, etc.
And we all know that I just left my day job to be a SAHW (stay at home worker), so, the unfortunate reality is that we won't be taking that house that had plenty of room for my workshop, 2 bonus rooms (not one, TWO), storage out the ying-yang, room for everything we own, a huge beautiful yard, and close to my mom. (please induldge my personal pity party for a moment)

I'll be back tomorrow since today will be dedicated to mourning the loss of the perfect home. (boo hoo, sniff, sniff)


  1. Oh no, just have a good cry and get it over with. I'm sorry it's not working out. Sometimes things turn right back around though.

  2. Sorry to hear it, Polly. I know it sounds cliche, but I'm sure something better will come along.

  3. When things go like that for me I try to remember things happen for a reason - it might not be clear right now but it will be at some pt - until then pity party on!

  4. Oh Polly, So sorry to hear about that. I know about disappointments and sometimes it just helps to have that pity party and get it out of your system. Then, hopefully sooner than later, you will see the reason for things happening the way they did. Easy of me to say, huh.

  5. Polly, I'm so sorry. What a rotten time to get such news.

  6. Just remember that everything happens for a reason. That reason will be revealed in its own time. But you can still have a pity party. It is ok. I like to have pity parties and invite people. LOL

  7. Thank you all for understanding my need for a pity party today. I know that there is a reason we weren't meant to get the house. I surely believe in God's guidance in my life, but sometimes it sure is rough to keep holding your head up.:)I was just looking so forward to the move, and being closer to mom so that I can help out more. Oh well, another day, another time.


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