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Friday, March 12, 2010

Home on the Farm in Pictures

I love photography. You will rarely ever catch me without a camera. Outdoor photography is my passion - my indoor photography, well, it still needs some polished skills applied. I never even realized how tricky indoor photography was until I started blogging. I never really had a reason to take pictures indoors.

One day I was at my mom's and my nephew announced that he wanted to submit a photo for something at school. Could I show him how to take a picture? So after much discussion we agreed that I would show him a few things, but he had listen and be patient. Kinda hard for a 10 year old boy addicted to video games, but he pulled it off nicely. In fact, he became very interested and took to it like a pro.
My mom still lives in the home I was raised in. I grew up on a working farm in a small town in Tennessee. It's no longer a farm, and there's barely a hint of animals ever having taken up residence there. But the property still holds the beauty it always did. On that particualr day, it was such a treat to show my young nephew how to look at his surroundings in a different way. How to look at big things and break them down into smaller vignettes.

So without further ado, here is what came out of that 10 year old boy (now almost 12) down home on the farm that day.

(That is my mother's barn in the background.)

(This photo is special to me. It is the trunk of the first Christmas tree we ever had in this house. Planted in 1975 it now stands higher than the electric poles. The last time I was home my nephew showed me where the electric company marked it to be cut off. [pouting with bottom lip turned under]}

This is at the corner of the barm. I challenged him to find a spot where he could get at least 3 blocks of color
in one picture. He did pretty good with this one.

And this is my favorite. Each time I look at it it reminds of my dad. I have an affinity for bird houses which I'm sure came from him, and there are many to be found around my mom's house. The little triangular block on the side of the pole used to hold an ear of corn for the squirrels back when the farm was still active.
(Next time I'm home Ill snap a picture of a bird house I made for him on Father's Day when I was still a teenager. It still hangs on my mom's patio.)

So what do you think? Didn't Brandon do a great job? You'd never know it was his first time out.

He has no idea I'm posting this but as soon as I get a few comments, I'm going to call him and tell him to read my blog today. He'll be so surprised!


  1. Those are great, my son is 12 and loves photography too.

  2. Great Job!!!!!! Love the pics!!!

  3. He did a wonderful job with his photos!! I love the one with the barbed wire. That is my favorite. Good job Brandon!!

  4. Great job, Brandon. You already know more about taking pictures than I do. I could use a lesson from you. I so enjoyed the pictures of your Grandma's farm. My favorite had the barn the field, and horse and trees in the background.

  5. Wow, these are really nice. He'll go far as a photographer! My favorite is the one with the barn and the horse in the background.

  6. These are really great pictures. I never would've guessed they were taken by a 10yr old.. He has some talent there.

  7. A budding artist/photographer! You're so sweet to help him. I just love the one with the three blocks of color challenge and the birdhouses. Tell him he did a fantastic job. And I'm truly impressed. I will be able to say I sort of knew him when.

  8. Those photographs are truly special. Brandon, you did a fantastic job. Your auntie there is a great teacher. And you have a natural eye for telling a story through the lens. They should be matted and framed and hung proudly! I'm hoping that you carry your camera with you throughout your life! You'll never regret it!

    Thanks Polly for sharing this. Such a sweet gift for your nephew!

  9. I think Brandon did a fabulous job and he had a wonderful tutor! I can't say I take better pictures outdoors. Great job, Brandon!! Yay!!


  10. Brandon did an excellent job with his photos. I love the 1st one with the red barn in the background. It takes a good eye to take photos that draw you in and I would say that Brandon has the photographer's eye. He should continue to take lessons from Aunt Polly.

  11. Wow---he really did do a great job! He seems to have a good eye for texture and composition, something none of us have no matter how old!!
    Smiles, Karen

    Thanks for popping by my blog today and for your sweet words--you really warmed my heart ♥


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