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Friday, March 26, 2010

Off to the Flea Market!

I'm off to the Nashville Flea Market this weekend, and my partner in crime, The Shabby Chic Cottage, will be there too!

If you're in the area, please stop and see us. We'll be in Shed 4, Booths 417 & 418.

Hope you can come!

Wish us luck. This is our first venture together and I'm so excited. Gina (SSC) has been making things for weeks. Me? Not so much, but I still have plenty to offer!

This Flea Market is among the top ten largest in the US!!  WooHoo!

Hey, what flea markets or craft fairs are in your area?
We may want to travel to some of them.
Let me know. Thanks a bunch!


  1. Wow!! Sounds fabulous! You must post pics of this event and your booth. Since I can't be there; I would love to see!!

  2. Ohhh SueAnn's idea is wonderful! I too hope you post some pics of your setup! Sooo wish I could come for a visit. Best wishes! Go get'tem girls. :)

    I've stopped flea marketing. I now sleep in on Saturdays. :)


  3. Polly! Great luck to you and your friend. Take lots of pictures!!!

  4. I know you will do well at your Flea Market. I wish I could come, but sadly too far away. I will be coming to KY again in June and could use your imput about anything close enough for a day trip. I did put your button on my sidebar. I am really new to blogland, so don't have a lot of followers, but hopefully someone will be curious and visit your shop.
    Your aprons are wonderfully thought out and look so well made. Hopefully, I'll be able to get on soon.

  5. I was at the Nashville Flea Market last month. Sure wish I could have come this weekend to see you ladies. Good luck.

  6. Wish I could be there to both shop and meet you two!

  7. Hope you gals are having FUN!

    Here's my link! I LOVE my apron! Just posted this afternoon (sunday)

  8. I live in Nashville and go to the flea market every month. I was there Friday - I'm so sorry I missed you! Will you be there next month?


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