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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back Yard Inspiration - An HGTV Makeover from Me

I was looking through some of my past projects from HGTV during my time as designer for the Carter Can show, and I ran upon one that I thought was fitting for the summer.

I really enjoyed this makeover of a row house back yard because it shows how, with the proper additions, you can maximize a small yard for major impact. The use of color ended up being even more spectacular than I had planned.
I LOVE this yard!
In fact, I'm using it as my inspiration for our own deck.

For those of you sprucing up your yards, I hope you can find some inspiration here.

I also found an online video of the episode, so that was double reason to share it with you. You can see the pictures, and then see how we created it. You won't want to miss the water feature on the garage wall!
And check out the color of that garage wall - love it!
Apple Green - you can never go wrong with Apple Green.

(I pulled this pic from my portfolio, hence the verbage, because it's the only one I can find after losing my pics a few weeks ago.)

Here's a tip to get a full screen viewing of the video: When the video screen comes up, mouse over it. You'll see to the top right there is a button that says "Pop Out". Click that and then maximize your screen, and you'll see it full screen.

WARNING: Pardon my strong southern twang. It is what it is, I can't help it. I know I sound edgy, but really, I'm sweet as pudding!

(Here is a post) I did about this project in the infancy of my blog. I just went to look at it again and it has a lot of close up pictures. Check it out.

I'd love to know what you think!
Feel free to share a link to pics of your own yard in the comments. If there are enough of them, I'll do a post and share the pictures with everyone.


  1. I use to watch Carter Can all the time. I loved that show. I had no idea you were the designer on it. Great job on all the shows. I loved this video and the back yard was so much fun. Super projects and great colors. I had a ball watching it. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  2. I remember reading that you were once a designer on that show! I loved it...and I REMEMBER that episode. I think it turned out so cool. I like the water feature.

    Good ideas for a fun summer back yard.

  3. How cool that you were on that show. Wasn't he first on Trading Spaces? I use to be a religious follower of that show. Then it changed too much.

  4. Oh Miss Polly Dolly! Twang is A-dorable!!! You are NOT edgy at all! I wish there was more of YOU!!! Love what you did in the backyard space! Was that in Denver?

    I loved watching it too!!


  5. Phooey. I can't view the video. Some error message about the stream not loading. :(

    I wanna hear your twang! :)



    Here's the direct link incase there's someone else who is unable to view it from the blog. Just cpy and paste it into your browser.

  7. Loved the video and that deck turned out beautifully. And Polly you look terrific! I didn't notice your accent that much. I always loved he really as gorgeous in person and he appears on TV? What a hunk! Seems genuinely nice too!
    I loved the water feature...very cool!!
    Thanks for sharing the video

  8. Darn, I couldn't get the video to play. It came up and said "Sorry we can't stream this video". The pictures look great though!

  9. Oh yes, I do indeed recall this one! I then did a post on your post.

  10. Hi Polly,
    That was so much fun to watch! You big time TV star!!! I always liked to watch Carter Can. Thanks for sharing the episode with us. I really enjoyed watching it.


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