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Monday, June 21, 2010

Critical Request - Fellow Blogger in Need of the Gift of Life - LITERALLY

I just read this post on Cathy's blog, The Stylish House.
I am posting it in it's entirety here on my own.
Please help spread the word.
Dear Family and Friends,
Please help spread the word about my 25 year old daughter, Heather Erickson's medical situation and critical need for a live liver donor transplant.
Heather is a wonderful, caring young woman who has shown amazing grace throughout this difficult time and is my only child and a daughter dearly loved.

Seven years ago Heather was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. It's a progressive illness that destroys the liver and despite everyone's best efforts it could not be stopped.

As a result Heather is currently listed for a liver transplant at Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan. The doctors recommend a live donor to give Heather the best chance for survival, due to the critical shortage of cadaver livers available.

Rick, my husband, and I would love to be her donor, but we are not a blood match so we are seeking people who are.

Heather needs someone with O blood type (either negative or positive) who is willing to be tested to be a live liver donor.

To learn more about donating please call the Henry Ford transplant coordinator Arlene Helms 313-916-9882 on behalf of Heather Erickson.

We understand a living donation may not be an an option for everyone and respect it's a personal decision.
As always with love,

Cathy and Rick Erickson

PLEASE, if you know of anyone currently in the Michigan area that may be a donor, I urge you to contact them.

If you live in Michigan, please help spread the word on your own blog. Regardless of where you live, please help get the word out.

Obviously, this request isn't limited to Michigan residents, but it's certainly the quickest route to a donor.
Please head over to Cathy's blog and show her some support.

If this were your child, you'd be just as desperate as they are.

All of you know that I am a prayer warrior, and I ask that if you are also, please, lift this family up in prayer.

See the full post with pictures here: The Stylish House


  1. Polly,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help spreading the word about my daughter's medical need. Friends and family support really means a lot.
    Hugs, Cathy

  2. I wish I had type O blood. I pray that someone will offer to donate. God Bless Heather and her family!


  3. Polly,
    Saying a prayer for this young girl.

  4. I am praying right now...for God's grace and a miracle!!

  5. oh i hope someone comes thru. i feel there urgency. my prayers for her.

  6. Oh, what a beautiful young woman she is! I so feel for her and her parents. I shall go visit her mother's blog now. Thanks for being so kind!

  7. My prayers are definitely with her and the family that the right donor will come around quickly. She is an absolutely beautiful young woman and will definitely be passing this onto others. Hugs Sweetie!!

  8. I am praying for Heather and her donor. Thank you Polly.


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