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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beauty in the Backroads - Pink & Green Trains

While I'm busy on the backside, i wanted to drop in and leave you with a little bit of color for the day.
I discovered these on a road trip through the backroads recently.

How fun are these colors?

I just love finding unexpected treasures like this!


  1. BIG SMILE ON MY FACE!!! Thanks for sharing these! I especially love the ladder partially painted yellow!!!

  2. Now that's a train I would like to ride on.

  3. Those pics are fabulous!! Love the color!!

  4. Those are great, Polly. There is nothing like the backroads of Kentucky.

  5. How cool are these?!? Wonderful photography. Wow. You have a great eye for shapes.


  6. Just found your blog and I'm HOOKED. I'm going to have to spend several hours here looking and checking out ALL your fabulous tutorials and pictures and ideas... ok you just made looking forward to tonight after work EXCITING!!

  7. In the bloggy world of whites, it's nice to see a little pop of color now and then!

  8. Oh, what a sweet set of pictures! What fun color, I am so curious now as to how they were used? *Ü*

    I love your blog, just found it tonight and I think we have a lot in common! I'd love it if you would stop by my place sometime!

    I am off to look at more of your delightful photos!



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