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Monday, August 9, 2010

Guest Bath (still) in Progress

I took a little break from working on the guest bath,
but now it's time to get on it and get it finished.

I'm trying hard to decorate with ONLY what I can find in my own bag of tricks. So far I've been lucky, what with a garage FULL of vintage and accessory things, and a bonus room with wall to wall boxes of home stuff. (!)

Here's where I am at this point.
I've written on the pictures what I still need to finish,
but I'd like YOUR input on something.
I'm planning to put a basic white trim mold on the wall where the colors meet. I haven't come up with much else that's clever.

I'd like your suggestions on what I might add.
Keep in mind, this is not my forever house, and I don't want
to do things I'll have to redo when we move out.

And just in case you forgot what I started with.......... :)

I'd say that's an improvement, how 'bout you?


  1. Wow, Polly, it looks so good already. I think the trim your are planning will define the two colours nicely. It will also add a bit of architectural interest. It must be fun to be at the 'finishing touches' stage and have all those boxes to find things in :)

  2. I agree with the trim you talked about. There are a lot out there and you could even make it so it has a picture ledge to it. But that's the best way to separate the two colors.

  3. Wow! It looks so pretty! You have come along way! I think everything you've done looks beautiful! All of the little details are perfect!

    I think the trim between the two colors is a great idea...can't wait to see it all finished!


  4. Very nice Polly! Classy! I can't imagine you having to remove anything you put up before moving again. You have amazing taste. The ledge idea is pretty cool.


  5. I think a simple square molding that can be used as a ledge would be the perfect touch.

  6. I understand the permanence issue, so I agree with the moulding. I have used wallpaper border in the past, but think the moulding would be a better selling point. The first thing I thought about the bowl on the wall holding washcloths was moss balls?? Don't know why?

  7. Your bathroom looks great so far -- it's going to be beautiful... I really like the shelf with the towel hooks and all it's do-dads!


  8. It does look great, Polly, and is a vast improvement over the wallpaper! I think that time and money wise you might do well to do a molding between the colors. Nothing fancy, something thin. I was thinking something whimsical looking with a flat trim using glue, but that might be more expensive than molding and sometimes it's better to just keep it simple.

  9. Definite improvement!! It is wonderful!! And I like your notes on the added touches you will be doing!!

  10. I'd say "you've come a long way, baby!"

  11. Here's a few thoughts for you. In the first picture, you said 'find something else to go in bowl.' Put something in the bottom to take up space and then put soaps in the bowl. Take the towels that are currently in the bowl and put them in the container in picture 2. And what you have done so far is fabulous!!! Be proud of yourself!

  12. What an improvement already. I asked my husband who is a finish carpenter (among other things) about the trim between colors. He thought a trim with a grove so you could lean pictues, plates etc. would look great. I love the way you wrote what you still needed to do on the pictures. Love how you accesorized and the the texture of the shower curtain.

  13. Hi Polly,
    I just found your blog and I find it delightful so I have become a follower!. I just moved three months ago to a home built in the early 70. Many rooms have been remodeled. My husband and I have been busy putting our own style into the home. We also have been working on the guest bathroom and master bathroom. In my previous home that I still own and now rent-out I had the bathroom mirror's framed, it really added a custom look for just a few dollars. I love the look of simple flat sea-side cottage moldings. I think that would look lovely in your bathroom and hold up to the test of time..
    I look forward to seeing your creative designs.
    I have enjoyed my visit with you very much.
    Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

  14. It's looking wonderful in spite of all of your "to do" arrows! The molding sounds like a good idea -- maybe something a little chunky so you could prop some of your goodies on it :).

  15. Big time improvement! I just love all your little details! The new window treatments are gorgeous too!


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