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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Window Treatment for the Guest Bath

I finally got around to making the window treatment for the guest bath.
Do you ever keep putting a project off because you build it up in your mind to be more work than you want to do right then, only to do it and discover that is wasn't nearly as bad as you made it out to be in your own mind?
I do that all the time!

I wanted to make something simple in design, yet I wanted the ability to use a couple of different fabrics and trims.
I really like how it turned out, and now I'm even more motivated to finish the rest of the bathroom.........
although I do keep trying to avoid putting up that moulding for some reason.

I'll get this room finished one of these days, won't I?

Here's the window treatment.
See that picture on the wall?
I've been trying to use that in my house since I was 19. Seriously I have.
I remember my mom buying it at the Quality Stamp Store when I was in elementary school, and I've always loved it.
It hung over our sofa for years. I used to tell people that the girl was me when I was 4.
Sometimes I even convinced them it was.
But then my mom always ratted me out.
I made my mom save it until I was able to take it home with me, so it's been in her attic forever and a day.
I've always had a particular affection for it and now I'm glad to call it mine.

Oh yeah, back to the window treatment.
Here's a close up.
I was lucky enough to find scraps of these fabrics and trims, so I didn't have to buy anything new.

And if you look close at the trims, you'll see they found their way to my tea stain vat, as does everything white in my house.

It's growing on me, and hubby likes it, so that's a bonus.

What do you think?


  1. Oh Polly, I LOVE it!! How clever you are...and YES ma'am, I put things off because I am afraid the finished product will be disappointing! You had no reason to dread this! It turned out GREAT!


  2. Love the window treatment, and the picture is perfect in that spot!

  3. It is beautiful, Polly. I love the curves, the details and the lace. The picture looks like it really belongs in there. I also have a favourite picture. Actually it is an Amish poster I had plaque mounted when we had our first home. The girl in mine looks just like one of my nieces at that age.

  4. Gorgeous! I love your signature mix of fabric patterns. The curves really make a wonderful statement, and then there's that layered lace! Stunning as usual, Polly. This is one elegant looking guest bath!


  5. Boy! I do that all the time. Figure the project just too big to do and then find out it isn't. Ha!
    Your drapery treatment is fabulous!! Love the textures and that layered lace is wonderful!

  6. And this little window here hanging in the corner took on a personality all her own! It makes a beautiful statement in the bathroom!

    I'm captivated by the painting!!

    Your taste is grand!

  7. I think it's beautiful. I love the design and the combination of fabrics and lace. It looks perfect in that bathroom.

  8. Polly this looks great! I love the details and it looks fab by this portrait of you, lol. I love the design and the details really show your talent! Great job lady!

  9. I think it turned out fabulous. I love the fabrics mixed together and the curvy bottom. Ties the wall colors together nicely too!

  10. I love it! It looks beautiful with the picture and the mix of fabrics and trims is gorgrous!


  11. Love it Polly...girl you always do a wonderful job on everything you touch...Have a great weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. I love it. It's very creative and unique.
    It's a keeper.

  13. Gorgeous treatment! I love the picture also. No wonder you held on to it all this time.

  14. Polly, Your window treatments never cease to amaze me...beautiful work. This looks great!
    Becky Mullowney

  15. I really like it, Polly! I do know what you mean about making things out to be harder in your mind than they turn out to be. I have a bathroom window to do as well, but it is so narrow, that I am drawing out actually doing anything with it. I have the fabric and everything! I saw something on a blog, though, using foam board as like a covered cornice, that I think I'm going to try. Maybe.

  16. You 'made it beautiful', Polly! Love the way you combined trims and how the scalloped edge plays along with the curves on your art frame. Bravo!

  17. Greetings! Beautiful job, looks so nice. And that little girl in that painting DOES look like you!
    Best regards,

  18. You are amazing!! That is the most beautiful window treatment I've ever seen. Will the be a "how-to" post coming??

    I also love the picture!


  19. What a creative way to use what you had on hand. It is perfect for your room. I loved the picture before I read your story about it. You are almost get that trim up. (Easy for me to say as hubby does that part around here. He wouldn't trust me to get it straight) LOL!!

  20. The bathroom looks amazing!!!! I love everything that you have done with the house! Hope you guys are well!!! Julie

  21. Goodness, your guests will not want to leave!
    I'm usually thinkin'how EASY something will be only to find out ... ummm NOT LOL

  22. I really like the mix of fabrics and trims and your tea dying. The painting caught my eye right away!

  23. Polly,
    Beautiful job! Love the mix of fabrics!
    The curves are so elegant!


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