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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On a Little Sanity Break

.....or some would say "insanity" break.
If you knew what I was doing right now, I'm sure you'd think I was nuts, so I'll spare you the details.
Let's just say there are plenty of mold spores, dead mice, ticks, and multiple trips to the dump involved.
Nuff said? Yeah, I thought so.

(And now here's a pretty picture to get that image out of your head.)

I thought I should pop in and let you all know that I haven't forgotten about you. I'm taking care of some family business and it's taken me away from the comforts of home, ie, my blogging spot.
And definitely out of the reach of cell phone service.

I should return in about a week.
I've missed keeping up with you all this past week. I'm afraid to even look at my reader for fear of what the number of missed posts will be!

If I don't return, will someone please send a hasmat crew? Tell them to look beneath the pile of rubble at the edge of my mother's house?
(I love you mom, but, well....., you know. :) )


  1. Oh gosh, Polly, that does not sound like fun! I hope you get done fairly quickly and are back to your comfort zone. I hope that it is not something that is really bad that you are dealing with.

  2. Look at the good side of things. Any cool finds yet? LOL!!

    Sounds rather yechy but I'm sure it's necessary. We aren't going anywhere so we eagerly await your return to hear about all your adventures. Makes for some great storytelling at the very least, eh? :)


  3. My goodness Polly, that does not sound like fun at all. I hope you are well protected while you are working in those conditions. I hope you are back to your own home soon.

    ~ Tracy

  4. Whatever you are up to it sounds interesting! I hope you finish up soon and can head back to the comforts of home.

  5. sure do miss ya....heck, I miss myself...I haven't blogged since July.

    glad you spared us all the details of the excavation: "plenty of mold spores, dead mice, ticks, and multiple trips to the dump involved.." yeesh!!!

    once an image gets into this brain it takes more than a pretty picture to get it out...think I'll go eat a frozen fudgesicle or something!

    Love ya! Good luck on the clear out!!!


  6. Ewww. Sorry that you have to be doing that nasty work Polly. I think Donna's right though, any cool finds??? Gotta look on the bright side, and you'll be back soon. Looking forward to it!

  7. Hi Polly,
    Are you re-modeling? Do tell us soon, I can't wait to see what you are up to..
    Big hugs~Elizabeth

  8. Good luck Polly and dont get hurt.. I hope you find some great things to make all your hard work worthwhile.. Though I do know that often cleaning out is the reward in itself- or it is for me..
    Write when you can and let us know how it went..


  9. A beautiful picture well as the one of a loving daughter...(())


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