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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Major Makeover Magic!

Edited 4/2/2010 to add: I know this is an older post, but since it was in the infancy of my blog, I suspect almost no one ever read it, so I thought it'd be safe to pull it out of the archives and link up to Funky Junk's Home Decor Link Party.

Update: We moved 2 months ago!
We're moving in less than a month, so I thought I'd show a few final pics of the home we're currently living in and how it was when we 'inherited' it.
Here's a complete makeover that doesn't require much explanation.
This is a picture from the week before we moved into this house:

And here's that same room a few weeks later:
A little color goes a long way!
(Click on any picture to enlarge and see details)

Remember when I told you that my favorite fabric ended up as drapery in my living room?
Well, here they are.

And just for good measure, here's a close up of that fabric I love so much.
Update: Laura from Decor to Adore realized she had some of this fabric and sent me a fully made shower curtain! (so thoughtful!)

A few more detail pictures:

Make a colorful day for yourself!

Another Update (4/2/2010): I'll be posting about the living room in our NEW house next week. Stay tuned!


  1. Oh my goodness! I am in love with this room. Your fireplace redo really shows up and I love the goodies that you put above in the cubby area.

    Can you share any info about your favorite fabric? I'm wondering if it comes in other colorways too.

  2. WOW, you did a phenomenal job on this room. I love the fabric, as it brings so much warmth to the room. The plates, lamps, chairs, greenery---I love it all! Well done! ~Liz

  3. You've been a busy gal!!!! Looks great. Fun to just transform your new space wasn't it! Colors are perfect, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Thanks gals. I purchased the fabric at a local store called Interior Fabrics. I bought all 64 yards that they had! It has been discontinued by their manufacturer. They called it Knoll, color Heather. It did come in 2 other colorways, one an orange and yellow, and the other a very light aqua and ivory. They've searched endlessly and can't find me any more in my color.

    I did a search at the design center and found it at Stroheim & Roman for $45 a yard. I paid $12. If I get desperate, I'll pay the money. If anyone out there finds anymore, please let me know so I can jump on it.

  5. Oh, sorry. Meant to tell you that you can try for the other colors.

  6. Polly, I looked at their website. They have excellent prices. :) Thanks.

  7. I love the drapery and the leopard touches on them! My fav print! The room looks fabulous! Happy Holidays!

  8. Hi,
    Well, I looked at your "before" pic and wondered what I would change. I thought the cornices over the windows needed to go. I see you agreed with me.
    The room looks great. I love what you did with the fireplace mantel, too.
    Great job!

  9. Well you certainly cozied up the place. I love the curtains and especially that you hung them up higher! Nice!

  10. My bathroom shower curtain is made of this fabric. :)

  11. i love the way you finished your mantle - to die for!!

  12. I love the fabric next to the spotty cushion - that looks great. It's a really welcoming room now; you achieved such a lot in just a few weeks.

  13. We seem to share a similar love for florals....I inherited mine from my mama who worked in many a drapery workroom as well as Calico Corners :)
    Absolutely beautiful room. Warm, welcoming, and cozy. Want to jump thru my screen and sit a spell, but that might be a bit freaky. *wink*

    Beautiful blog...I stopped by from the Lettered Cottage.

  14. I love the warm colors you used and love love that floral fabric on the curtains, beautiful!!

  15. So very pretty. Great job!

    Happy Easter. Partying with you tonight.

  16. Gorgeous room and I love the antiqued mantle! The drapery fabric is lovely.

  17. Polly
    you're right never saw this post.
    So glad you showed it again- (how do you RE-POST ANYWAY?)

    I like this room. Couple of things stand out- the wall color, the paint (faux treatment?) on the mantel, and that little square chippy table in the corner.

    Great room.

  18. Wowzers!!!! I can't believe this transformation!

    What a beautiful room you have now!!!!

  19. That is a beautiful room Polly. The fabric is so elegant and I love the impact that large amounts of it gives to your room. Looking forward to the new room post. Happy Easter.


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