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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Would you knock on this door at Halloween?

I thought this might be an appropriate house to post right now since Halloween is around the corner. I find it just a tad bit spooky. The house was definitely empty, but that didn't shake the feeling that someone was there anyway.

We were driving on a long trip and spotted this house somewhere along I70 on the way home from Texas. It was so bitterly cold, but I just couldn't turn down the opportunity to do a little exploring. Once a lovely home, now abandoned. It had such a spooky feel to it, but even with the heebie-jeebies, my curosity got the best of me, and so, I went inside. Even in it's broken down state, it was fabulous. Someone had built this home with such love and attention to detail.
Why, why, why, do people ever leave these homes?
This home sat on a large spread of property, with a barn, and outbuildings, and beautiful trees. I'm certain with proper upkeep, this home would have lasted for generations.

Let's take a look around. I tried to get some interior pictures, but most all of them turned out black. I'll show you something (in a minute) that spooked me a bit after we left and I looked at all the pictures.

Even as eerie as it was, the poor house still held so much beauty. If I had had a crow bar in the trunk, those shutters and corbels would've come home with me.
Just look at all the details!

See the reflection in this window? It almost looks like it's a reflection of a statue in a cemetary. There was absolutely nothing there. Nothing in front of the window, nothing across the street, nothing. I cannot imagine what the reflection is.

reallllyyyy wanted those shutters!

The little out building and the house were both leaning to one side.

This is the back of the house. It looks like there's something in every window, but there wasn't anything at all.

Here's what creeped me out a little. I walked all through this house - well, what portions still had floors, that is - and I certainly was in this room. NEVER, did I see a single curtain in the house. I surely would've noticed that. Even hubby said he didn't see any curtains, so it wasn't just me. So if I looked all through the house and there were no curtains, then where did these white, ruffled curtains come from? I'm telling you, there were NO curtains in this house anywhere. Surely ghosts live here...............


  1. Oh my gosh!! I would not visit that house on Halloween....but that said, it is just the type of house I would like to explore and imagine what could be done to it, as long as I had hubby with me. It is so sad to see a house like that abandoned. We have restored too old homes (not that old) and I always feel we are saving them.
    Great post and especially this time of year. The little twist of the shadow in one window and the curtains in another makes you wonder....

  2. It was a beauty in it's time, wasn't it? Maybe someone got too old and moved away. Too bad. I bet the right person could resurrect it.

  3. What a great home in it time. I also wonder why people just let them run down. At least rent them to someone? Ok, where are the interior pics? I so enjoy exploring old homes. Some even have their own personal junk yards on property near the home. Lucky you!!

  4. I also meant to tell you, if one does this in a city, you are called "urban explorers". I try never to explore alone who know who or what may be about? Not to mention rotted structures. Am I making you feel better? LOL!! I get such strong vibes at some places,nothing wicked, just feelings I can not explain. So sad to see beautiful old homes neglected. Thanks for sharing too!!


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