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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pimp My Pumpkin!

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. I love creative pumpkin dressing. And, since I have no time to prepare anything other than a smiley face, pre-lit, standard run-of-the-mill plastic pumpkin, I have to envy everyone else's creativity this year. My own perky plastic pumpkin may not even GET lit this year if I can't find time to track down an extention cord to drag across the porch. I live in a busy, busy world right now.

I did however, make the time to throw out a box of decor that I ran across in the garage while searching for something else. Granted, there was only 9 items in the box and took all of 5 mintues to scatter on the porch. Enough of an effort to keep the neighbor boys from asking me where my Halloween decorations are when they show up at my door this year, but not so much that the association will feel compelled to enter me in the "best Halloween decorations" contest that is vainly and blatantly posted on a big sign in your yard when you win. I can actually picture them standing in front of my house wondering why I even bothered.

Oh well, nuff said about that. Let's honor some folks who do care about their pumpkins. I went on an image search across Bing and found a few worth mentioning.
Edited to add: I listed the link that Bing associated with these pictures. I did not visit the individual sites, so the link below the pic does not take you directly to the post showing that particular picture.

Every pumpkin deserves a little bling, right?

So simple, yet so cute.
(There's a white border around this pic, so it's a bit further down.)

This is from someone who must really care about what the neighbors think.
Love this idea!

From Good House Keeping

My Kind of Decorating. Throw on some masks and call them done!

Sorry, can't remember where this came from, but I'm guessing it's Country Living.

How absolutely darling are these? If I had woods on my property, I'd put these all through them.

Talk about two birds with one stone........Halloween and Thanksgiving all at once. These made me giggle for some reason.

(I think the turkey attire is a kit you can purchase. Didn't dig into it far enough to be sure.)

How beautiful is this? Next year I'll have this on my table.

Simple elegance. In case you're like me, and it takes you a few minutes to figure this out, I'll save you time and tell you that it's a carriage. I kept wondering why the big pumpkin wasn't setting level on the table, and then it hit me.............duh, it's sitting on those other pumpkins. You're probaly a bit more perceptive than I am tonight and figured that one out as soon as you looked at it.

How easy is this? Can't you see a heap of small pumpkins stacked in the middle of the table with different designs on them? Throw a few upholstery tacks on these and you're good to go.

And I truly love this. Super-duper-uber simple. Pull out that melon-baller and create your own masterpiece in no time flat.

Another creative idea while you've got that mellon-baller out!

Country Living............I think.

Now, off the pumpkins and on to some other brainstorm ideas.

Can't get this pic any bigger, but thought it was neat enough to post.

Love, Love, Love this. How do do this on my carpeted stairs?!
All of those people who make vinyl decals should start making these, don't you think?

I'm guessing I found this on Country Living again.

Clever idea.

Ummm, Country Living...................maybe...........

And last, but not least.........

From Good Housekeeping

Have some Halloween decor of your own? Link it in your comment so we can all see!


  1. Enjoyed your "Pumpkin Parade". But I absolutely loved the tablescape with the white pumpkin in an Urn. I printed the picture to copy that next year. I could only hope it will look half that good. Didn't have any luck finding it on the website listed under it though.

  2. I really enjoyed looking at all of the creative pumpkin ideas...I bought three pumpkins and they are sitting on my front porch unadorned....I think I'll tell neighbors I'm going for the simplistic look!

  3. Hi Polly: I posted tonight about my collection of silver trays and pictured and linked the photo of your fabulous display of hanging silver trays. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  4. Oh, thank you Jane. I'll head over and see yours right now. If you go all the way to the first days of my blog, you'll see the whole wall of those trays you liked.

  5. Hi Polly: Thanks for the information about hanging the silver trays...somebody asked how I was going to hang them and to be honest I hadn't thought through that yet! I also love the ideas for the punch bowl. Thanks!
    I never polish the silver either. The cute older lady who was working the cash register at the thrift store where I purchased the punch bowl asked me if I liked to polish silver...when I told her I wasn't going to polish it she had a look of horror on her was too cute!
    Thanks again for the inspiration.


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